Official title of the project

Establishment of the Public Agency for Accreditation and Continuous Quality Improvement of Health Care in Serbia


Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project


Implementation period
2009. Jun - 2011. Apr
Expected results

Improvement of health care quality and patient safety and establishment of trust of health care service users in health care system.
The project should help to clarify the economic viability and sustainability of the quality and accreditation infrastructure, and the role of the different institutions in financially supporting the system, mainly the Ministry of Health, the Health Insurance Fund, the municipalities as founders of the Primary Healthcare Institutions. The impact of this work should be reflected in the acceptance and ensured sustainability of the Continuous Quality Improvement and Accreditation process in the Health care Institutions in Serbia.


Ministry of Health
Agency for Accreditation of the Health Care Institutions of Serbia

Summary of the project

This project’s main purpose is to support the initial activities in development of the Agency for Accreditation of the Health Care Institutions of Serbia so that appropriate institutional, organizational and management arrangements as well as system capacities are in place in order to perform accreditation program in Serbia in a competent and self-sustainable manner.
Accreditation represents a process of assessment of health care institution’s performance quality that is based on the application of an optimum level of established standards for health care institutions operation in given health care area or medical branch (Healthcare Law, article 213) .
Additional objectives of accreditation are: improvement of health care management, ensuring of efficient and worthwhile provision of health care services, and establishment of equal or approximately equal conditions of provision of health care services for the entire health protection system.
Based on the Law on Health care and the Law on Public Agencies, the Agency will assume the set authorities for: establishment of standards for accreditation of health care institutions, evaluation of quality of heath care services provided to population, management of administrative procedures related to accreditation of health care institutions, awarding of accreditation certificates and keeping record of the awarded certificates (Health care Law, article 215).

Programme/Project objectives

The Project objective is to improve the health care system in the Republic of Serbia so as to create a safe, equitable, viable and high-performance oriented health care system where providers of care are stimulated to achieve continuously increasing standards of efficiency, effectiveness and quality.

Specific objectives

  • to support the development of the Agency for Accreditation of Health Care Institutions and assist it in the determination and development of its role, functions, approach and processes within the overriding legal framework and the broad Serbian health system quality improvement strategy
  • to assist the continuous improvement of quality of health service delivery in the Serbian health sector by creating a balance between the professionally and/or institutionally driven internal quality improvement processes with the external assessment mechanisms