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The Library - Production of Memory


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Implementation period
2009. Sep - 2012. May

BELEF Centar (RS) Ente Teatrale Italiano (IT) Irish Theatre Institute (IE) Finnish National Gallery, Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, Kiasma Theatre (FI) Krétakör Alapítvány, Budapest (HU) Latvijas Jauna Teatra Instituts, (LV) National Theatre (CZ) Victoria & Albert Museum (GB)

Programme/Project objectives

Project The Library – Production of Memory aims at developing new approaches to cultural-comparative awareness in order to overcome thinking and acting in national categories. The project would like to explore further these issues by cross-border collaboration of artists and arts and/or cultural organizations. A co-operation of artists from different European countries provides the opportunity to treat cultural patterns and memory from different perspectives in the artistic process. People with different cultural backgrounds will gain different insights and findings from different layers of memory. The combination of these findings offers the chance to develop a transnational (knowledge) culture. Ten European artists selected on Open Call will be coming from the fields of performing arts, music, documentary-making, visual and media arts, including installation, photography, textile design, as well as sound and light design. They will be invited within a series of various activities and visits to the chosen locations of Cappadocia (Turkey), Rhodope Mountains (Bulgaria), Vinca –Lepenski vir (Serbia), as well as the cities of Istanbul (Turkey), Sofia (Bulgaria) and Belgrade (Serbia) to translate and transform a memory-mosaic into an artistic interdisciplinary language. The results will be shown on locations, with the aim of creating a space for the production and staging of memories in libraries as well as in site specific spots of rural localities. The presentations in rural as well as urban environments aim at increasing the mobility both of artists and audien