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Archaeolandscapes Europe


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Implementation period
2009. Jan - 2011. Jan

Programme/Project objectives

The ultimate aim of the ArchaeoLandscapes network is the use throughout Europe of aerial survey and ‘remote sensing’ to promote understanding, conservation and public enjoyment of the shared landscape and archaeological heritage of the countries of the European Union. The project represents the culmination of a growing European cooperation from the mid-1990s onwards. Now federating 34 prestigious institutions in the field of archaeology and heritage protection (27 Coordinator/Co-organisers and 7 Associated Partners) from 26 separate countries, it will bring that process to a sustainable and self-supporting future as the long-term legacy of this and earlier EU-assisted initiatives. The project’s long-term legacy will be better appreciation of the landscape and archaeological heritage of Europe, closer contact between heritage professionals and the general public, more effective conservation of the shared cultural heritage, the international sharing of skills and employment opportunities, better public and professional education, the wider use of archive resources and modern survey techniques, and higher professional standards in landscape exploration and conservation.