Official title of the project

Feria de Fronteras: nova muzička i vizuelna predstava o granicama i kulturnom identitetu unutar nove Evrope.


Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project


Implementation period
2011. May - 2013. Apr

Via Lactea, Tournai - Belgium

Culture et Flonflons Flandres, Lille - France

Etnofest Association, Palić - Serbia

Association for Culture and Art CRVENA, Sarajevo - BIH

Programme/Project objectives

"Feria de Fronteras" was a party at the border. It was a crossroad between cultures and people, where we met and shared, inquired and offered answers about physical borders and borders unseen. 


Main goal:

"Feria de Fronteras" was a platform for artists coming from different disciplines and cultural workers who jointly performed and created a creative space for presenting, questioning and erasing borders between people and cultures. "Feria de Fronteras" invited Europeans, and also those who will soon become Europeans to think about the impact of borders in their own lives. 


"Feria de Fronteras" had 4 corners and each represented organizations from Belgium, France, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. From each corner different activities were created and creatively connected. In order to ensure that borders are revealed "Feria de Fronteras" offered a set of solutions and views on borders while at the same time celebrated the potential of individuals, citizens, and artists to be actors of change through a multicultural band "Mafiasko Taxi", visual art exhibition "High-Wire Act", photo exhibition "Break-on-Through" and a documentary film "Borders".