Official title of the project

Development of Typical Products in North East Bosnia and Zlatibor County in Serbia

Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project


Implementation period
2011. Jul - 2013. Feb
Expected results
  1. Valorization of typical products from NE Bosnia and Zlatibor County completed and key stakeholders for their development identified
  2. Key stakeholders for development of typical products agree about common development objectives for development of typical products
  3. Capacities of institutions that should work on protection and development of typical products and typical products producers improved
  4. Typical products promoted and recognized in the region

Regional Development Agency Zlatibor



Summary of the project

North East Bosnia and Zlatibor County in Serbia are neighboring regions very rich in typical products - agricultural, gastronomic and hand craft products. Typical products are traditional products, closely connected with the geographical area of production, carrying specific quality and characteristics depending on natural resources, history, customs, people etc. They represent good potential for growth of existing SMEs and individual producers, rural development, revival local communities and maintenance of cultural heritage. In order to use their potentials in the best possible manner and initiate protection procedures, it is necessary to perform valorization process and create conditions which will lead to increasing sales. Following groups of activities will be conducted during implementation period:

  • Mapping typical products and key stakeholders that could support development of typical products
  • Verification of analysis (conclusions and recommendations for further development)
  • Support to producers (trainings, best practice examples, creating marketing and action plan for selected producers of the )
  • Promotion (conferences, events, promotional materials, medias)
  • These activities will contribute to raising awareness of producers and key actors of typical products value chain about importance of protection, to introducing production standards, to establishing closer cooperation, all in order to increase visibility of typical products in wider region.

Programme/Project objectives

Overall objective of the Project is protection of typical products in the targeted regions in the line with EU standards and their wider commercialization. One of important preconditions for starting protection procedures established by EU (Protected Denomination of Origin, Protected Geographical Indication and Traditional Specialty Guaranteed) is raising awareness of producers and other key stakeholders about benefits of typical products protection and their introduction with DOOR data base. There isn’t any typical product from Bosnia and Serbia in DOOR data base, registered, published or applied. But once products are registered, that will provide them to be recognized and to find a path to EU markets. That will lead to export, increased production and employment rate in the targeted regions.

Specific objectives

To make products from North East Bosnia and Zlatibor County visible in wider region and their protection more feasible There are some preconditions to be created and some actions to be performed in order to initiate protection of typical products. The first step is identification of the typical products, as well as gathering key development actors – institutions and organizations at local, regional and national level and producers of typical products. Considering existing problems in the field, it is necessary to define specific roles of supporting institutions and to facilitate establishing their closer and much more efficient cooperation with producers, in order to provide synergy of their activities. Joint promotional actions and continuous presence in local, regional and national medias, as well as organization of various events and greater integration in the existing tourism offer, will contribute to the increased visibility and raising awareness of values of traditional typical products.