Official title of the project

Strengthening the Serbian Environmental Inspection and Relevant Stakeholders


Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project


Implementation period
2009. Mar - 2011. Feb
Expected results
  • Primary and secondary legislation is revised according to legislative gap analysis;
  • A detailed proposal for an enhanced inspection structure, operating procedures and resource allocation at all three inspection levels and that can meet the requirements set out under the New Environmental Legislation;
  • Sector action/inspection programmes are revised in line with RMCEI recommendations according to priorities identified under 1 (at least three programmes drawn from the following sectors: waste, water, pollution, nature & chemical accidents) and supported by updated manuals and checklists;
  • Based on a training needs assessment a continued professional development programme appropriate to all levels of the inspectorate is developed and its delivery initiated at national, provincial and local level (e.g. the programme might consist of distance learning modules, case studies and self-assessment tests;
  • Protocol for exchange of information and cooperation between stakeholders are drafted;

Ministry of Environment, Mining and Spatial Planning/Serbia Sector for control and Surveillance

Summary of the project

Analysis of existing environmental legislation with respect to EI’s competences, procedures and effective relationship to other stakeholders in the context of EU environmental legislation and identification of shortcomings and gaps that may impede EI's effectiveness and efficiency. Increase of effectiveness of EI and stakeholders at republic, provincial, and local levels through improved structure and the adoption of best practice procedures

Programme/Project objectives

To improve the quality of the natural environment and the health of the population through the effective enforcement of environmental regulations To improve the capacity and effectiveness of the Serbian Environmental Inspection (EI) at republic, province and local levels and improve cooperation with relevant stakeholders

Specific objectives

The project will contribute to (a) acceleration of harmonization of laws and standards with the EU Acquis, (b) strengthening of administrative capacities of bodies in charge of planning, permitting, inspecting, monitoring and, (c) strengthening local level capacities, and (d) improved cooperation with Stakeholders