Official title of the project

Improvement of Preschool Education in Serbia – IMPRESEuropeAid /129808/C/SER/RS

Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project


Implementation period
2011. Feb - 2014. Jan
Expected results
  • Result 1: Tool kit developed for local self-governments (LSGs) to systematically organise their preschool networks, to optimise preschool capacity and increase access for vulnerable groups.
  • Result 2: Improved legislative framework for preschool education with special attention to vulnerable groups
  • Result 3: Improved access to preschool education for children, especially those from vulnerable groups
  • Result 4: Improved quality of preschool programs to better respond to the needs of children, families and the local communities, with particular attention to vulnerable groups

Ministry of Education and Science, Sector for preschool and elementary education

  • Institute for Improvement of Education , Centre for Development of curricula and textbooks, Department for pre-school, primary and secondary general and artistic education
  • Institute for Education Quality and Evaluation, Department for Standards and Evaluation
  • Local self –governments of 15 pilot municipalities, Municipal child welfare service/secretariat
  • Local preschool institutions of 15 pilot municipalities
  • Parents Councils
  • Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities

Summary of the project

Transform the existing forms of preschool education into a decentralized, diversified and comprehensive system that will meet the determined standard of quality care and education of preschool children and will enable parents to experience their right of choice and participation. Study the existing situation and problems in the public, private and NGO sector to find out the actual needs (of children and parents) on one side, and the possibilities and conditions of the existing practice of the other side. Target 15 pilot municipalities that will be subject of this project and provide advices and tools how to organize preschool networks of selected municipalities and how to optimize preschool capacities and increase access for vulnerable groups. Support towards the creation of a proper legal background in terms of regulatory texts (by-laws) and quality standards for external evaluation of preschool institutions, self-evaluation of preschool teachers and guidelines for a National curriculum The project will support transformation of educational practices in accordance with open education and interactive pedagogy approach and provide for teachers and other personnel professional development (help develop into "reflexive practitioners"). Trainings will be provided in a series of step-by-step workshops and training seminars, which will be followed by a period of time supported by on-the-job training, during which targeted audience will put their training into practice.

Programme/Project objectives

Overall Objective: To contribute to social inclusion and poverty reduction by improving preschool provision and broadening access for children, especially from disadvantaged groups Project Purpose: To strengthen the conditions of preschool education for children, especially those from vulnerable groups, through improvements in the quality of preschool programmes and expansion of the capacities of preschool institutions.

Specific objectives

Expected outputs of the Component 1

  1. Comprehensive dataset on preschool education in targeted municipalities designed to allow decision making (cross-referencing, categorization, etc)
  2. Methodology for systematic collection and analysis of relevant data on network of preschool institutions
  3. Assessment report from consultation process with stakeholders
  4. Guidelines and manuals on the systematic collection and analysis of relevant data to enable the optimal planning and organization of preschool education at the local community level
  5. Training-of-Trainers module
  6. Selected staff from Institutions in target municipalities trained
  7. Policy recommendations for the Ministry of Education on preschool network in Serbia Expected outputs of the Component 2
  8. Policy recommendations for the MoES and support in drafting bylaws related to Law on preschool education and the Law on Foundations of Education System
  9. Guidelines for self-evaluation of preschool institutions designed and printed
  10. Workshop/seminar for preschool professionals on the criteria for self-evaluation of preschool organized
  11. Train-of-trainers modules for self-evaluation of preschool institutions developed
  12. Selected staff from Institutions in target municipalities trained Expected outputs of the Component 3
  13. Supervision of the delivery of Supply contract for the procurement of prefabricated structures, vehicles equipped to be used as the mobile teaching units, vehicles to be used for transporting children to preschool locations in remote areas (mini school buses), equipment and other materials relevant for facilitating the inclusion of children with disabilities
  14. Expected outputs of the Component 4
  15. Comprehensive analysis on implemented programs in pilot municipalities.
  16. Report from the consultation process with stakeholders on local level on preschoo