Official title of the project

„Forming the center for the advancement of the knowledge in rural tourism“

Project information

Region / City
Backi Petrovac
Total budget of programme / project


Implementation period
2011. Feb - 2013. Feb
Expected results

The formed referent training center for education and advancement of knowledge in rural tourism with all neccessary contents . Activities used for conducting the realization of the project as a first result have enabling of an object for education and training with qualitatively furnished space for training. Measurable, advanced and corresponding level of service quality and capacity in rural tourism. The streched net of those who offer the services in rural tourism abroad as well as the international cooperation. This is very important result because completed several tips of informations.


The Municipality of Backi Petrovac


Tourist organization of the Municipality of Backi Petrovac

Summary of the project

Tourism contributes to the revitalization of the village in different ways. It slows down migration to towns and influences the young to stay in the villages, it makes the rural population younger, and in that way the structure of active population is made better. Production is then increased and a better placement of agricultural products is secured. The objects of home handicrafts and the products of old crafts are better sold throuh spending in board and lodging and outside it. The development of tourism prevents the ruining of natural ambient and influences the preservation of traditional village architecture, ethnographic elements, special way of life and work, suctoms, folklore and the like. The continuation of education and training according to economic conditions after the end of the project create sustainability of the project and justifies its existence. It is planned by the project to educate the local inhabitants from regions where they are located the Municipality of Backi Petrovac and all neighbouring municipalities) as well as inhabitants from all neighbouring municipalities from trans border region (Vukovar-Srijemska County). Reconstruction of the building enables the good space quality conditions for continuous education. Simultaneously creates the conditions for the formation of a service center for all future and is already active service providers in rural tourism. The knowledge gained in educational modules and craft workshops will be a very good basis for every household that wants to be activated in any form of rural tourism. Networking and the possibility of joint representation in the market for many will be very helpful at the beginning of dealing with rural tourism.

Programme/Project objectives

The general aim defines advanced quality of economic and social life of inhabitants in rural areas included in the project (South Backa), but the whole region as well. This project will stimulate improvement of economic situation of a rural household; it will influence the improvement of demographic picture of a village and stimulate the return to the rural surroundings being the space of quality life and economy.

Specific objectives

Achieved reliability of quality of training center for offering services in rural tourism through advancement of infrastructure and equipment of the object. In order to raise the quality of education to adequate level it is necessary to create qualitative conditions respecting the standards given by the law. Achieved reliability of quality of services in rural tourism by applying knowledge and skills acquired through the process of education and training. Achieved sustainability of the need for permanent education and advancement of knowledge and skills, communication and cooperation among participants in rural tourism. Intensified usage of services in rural tourism by increasing the number of guests and spending of nights in rural households. Creation of a quality provider of services in rural tourism creates conditions to impose the regions included in the project to the market through good promotion and marketing. With already existing natural values, traditional gastronomic, cultural-historical values, different customs and quality service they can attract attention and keep a great number of tourist.