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Municipal infastructuure support programme - MISP

Project information

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Implementation period
2008. Jan - 2013. Jan
Expected results

MISP IPA 2008 Component I – Improved municipal infrastructure services and support for PUC reform Result 1.1 Cooperation between national, regional and local bodies on legal, institutional, and fiscal reforms needed to decentralize municipal infrastructure services; Result 1.2 New laws, regulations and procedures identified as the Strategy for PUC Reform and aligned with EU standards; Result 1.3 Inter-municipal cooperation on regional infrastructure services and the establishment of regional PUC’s ; Result 1.4 National Strategy for PUC Reform and Action plan for PUC implemented; Result 1.5 Technical, financial and personnel management of municipal departments and PUC’s is enhanced through the introduction of modern management systems and procedures. Component II – Programming and project preparation Result 2.1 Improved co-ordination of municipal investment programming by national, regional and local bodies; Result 2.2 Enhanced capacities and capabilities of municipal, PUC staff and other selected organizations for preparing infrastructure projects; Result 2.3 Municipal infrastructure projects prepared for funding. Component III – Project Implementation Result 3.1 Employer/Contracting Authority supported in Tendering and Municipal Project Implementation Unit (PIU) staff trained in Employer’s Duties; Result 3.2 Priority Works Contracts successfully implemented and supervised MISP IPA 2010 Component I - Accelerate Building of the Project Pipeline to EU Standards and further Capacity-Building of Municipalities Result 1.1 Expanded SLAP project pipeline with mature projects, prepared in line with EU requirements, as well as with local, regional and national needs and priorities and with future IPA 3 component requirements; Result 1.2 Enhanced capacities of municipal departments and employees for project preparation; Result 1.3. Technical, financial and personnel management of municipal departments and PUCs is enhanced through the introduction of modern management systems and procedures; Result 1.4 Supported SLAP management in developing and extending the SLAP information system to other appropriate project areas and needs of relevant stakeholders at national, regional, local level and potential investors. Component II - Support Implementation of Selected Infrastructure Projects Result 2.1 Projects selected for financing successfully contracted and implemented; Result 2.2 Carried out supervision of the works contracts; Result 2.3 Selected projects’ beneficiaries supported in EIA.


BENEFICIARIES The main beneficiaries of the MISP are the selected Municipal governments, PUC’s, municipal leaders and administrative staff, PUC managers and Engineers, as well as RDA’s for regional types of projects. Inhabitants of local communities are the main beneficiaries of the Project. NGO’s and other stakeholders (representing industry, tourism, commercial interests) will be included in formal consultative arrangements. STAKEHOLDERS Municipalities, Government of Serbia, Ministry of Economy and Regional Development (MERD), Other Relevant Ministries, PUC’s , RDA


Municipalities (Local Self Government’s), PUC’s, Ministry of Economy and Regional Development, Standing Conference of towns and Municipalities, Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia, Ministry of Environment, Mining and Spatial Planning, Serbian Europe Integration Office, National Agency for Regional Development, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management (Directorate for Water), Ministry of Human and Minority Rights, Public Administration and Local Self-Government;

Summary of the project


  1. PIROT – Regional Solid Waste Management Sheme – Muntina Padina Landfill
  2. UŽICE/ČAČAK – Solid Waste Management Scheme – Duboko
  3. KRUŠEVAC - Regional Water Supply Project – Rasina District
  4. VELIKI BAČKI KANAL - Waste Water Treatment and Sewage Collection Project Vrbas/Kula
  5. SREMSKA MITROVICA/ŠABAC – Regional Solid Waste Management Scheme

Projects in preparation for Implementation:

  1. ŠABAC – Waste Water Treatment Project

Feasibility Studies:

  1. FS Novi Pazar Waste Water Management System Phase 1
  2. FS Revitalization of Golubac Fortress
  3. FS Raška Water Management
  4. FS Vladičin Han Regional Industrial Zone South
  5. FS Pirot Free Zone
  6. FS Čačak Waste Water Treatment Plant

MISP IPA 2010 Projects in preparation for Implementation:

  1. LESKOVAC - Waste Water Collection and Treatment project
  2. KOLUBARA - Regional Water Supply Scheme
  3. VELIKA PLANA/SMEDEREVSKA PALANKA - Regional Water Supply Scheme

Programme/Project objectives

MISP (Municipal Infrastructure Support Programme), financed by EU and managed by the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia, assists municipalities in Serbia in the preparation of project documentation and implementation of municipal infrastructure projects. MISP is focused on supporting environmental and economical projects (drinking water, waste water treatmant, solid waste management, sheltered housing, education facilities, tourist sites and industrial zones). Since 2005, more than 20 projects with a total value of over 68 million Euros have been implemented. The main goal of MISP is the improvement of the infrastructure services management in municipalities and to increase investment in the infrastructure, in order to meet EU standards on environmental protection and sustainable economic development. MISP is also assisting municipalities and PUC’s throughout the complete process of infrastructure projects realization - from funding application, feasibility studies (SLAP IS ), budget management to projects implementation. EPTISA, Spanish engineering company, which chairs the consortium of two more foreign companies: ROYAL HASKONING (NL) and VNG (NL), is in charge of MISP project realization.