Official title of the project

Over the Border Raspberries


Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project


Implementation period
2010. Dec - 2012. May
Expected results

The rural population in the partner municipalities will receive expert support regarding modern and ecologically acceptable production of berrylike fruit. Strengthened farmer and municipal management border area contacts along with introduction of examples of good practice in intensive and ecologically acceptable production of raspberry and other berrylike fruit. Two experimental/pilot plantations in the partner municipalities established as examples of good practice for further transfer of knowledge and experience in this sector. Successfully promoted Action, raspberry production and the EU perceived as a donor.


Municipality of Arilje, Serbia; Municipality of Istocni Stari Grad, Bosinia and Herzegovina


Municipality of Cajetina, Serbia; Municipality of Sokolac, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Summary of the project

The project is aimed at promoting and improving the quality of life in rural areas of the border area. Project activities is provided successful resolution of key problems in these rural areas, such as insufficient implementation of modern technologies in the production of berrylike fruit, insufficient knowledge of the implementation of good practice examples from successful EU countries and the transfer of those examples to the border areas of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia, insufficient interactions, exchanges of information, ideas, knowledge and establishment of cross-border contacts, and insufficient protection of the environment due to inadequate agriculture production. During 18 months of project implementation, provided intensive experts training of selected farmers and the establishment of experimental/pilot plantation in the municipalities of partners, which will serve as examples of good practice for the further transfer of knowledge and experience in this sector, as well as the promotion of mutual contacts between farmers

Programme/Project objectives

Stimulated development of intensive and ecologically acceptable economic activities in rural regions of the cross border area. Provided contribution in connecting people, communities and exchanges of ideas in the border area.

Specific objectives

Improved productivity and competitiveness of the rural resources in the field of berrylike fruit production, through joint partner activities, transfer of know-how and good practice with regard to the principles of environmental protection.