Official title of the project

Networking Against Poverty in Serbia

Project information

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Implementation period
2010. Jun - 2011. Jun
Expected results

Main result

  • 1: Improved capacity of 10 CSOs for public policy analysis and advocacy in the EU framework for social inclusion and poverty reduction;
  • Main result
  • Establishment of Anti Poverty Network Serbia as system for regular and quality monitoring and pressure for improvement of social inclusion and reduction of poverty;
  • Main result
  • Sustainable and long-term cooperation between APNS and EAPN.

SeConS Development initiative group


European Anty Poverty Network- EAPN

Summary of the project

In the period between 18th June 2010 and 18th June 2011 SeConS is carrying out the project entitled ‘’Networking against Poverty’’ which has the aim of establishing the network of NGOs the work of which is aimed at poverty reduction and improving social inclusion of various social groups. The aim of the project is to establish the national Anti-poverty Network in Serbia (APNS) that would at first comprise organizations affiliated around the project, in order to jointly define the organizational framework through which the network will work, but also to enable the newly-formed network to establish partner relations with the EAPN and their members (national networks of the EU). In order to carry these objectives into practice, a large number of diverse activities has been planned: from workshops during which the members define the rules and conditions of work and expanding the network (defining the mission, values, aims and objectives, strategic plan, rules and procedures), through training, experience exchange and learning from the EU partners, study visits, to joint appearance in the activities of lobbying and advocating in the area of public policies of importance to poverty reduction and social inclusion of vulnerable groups. Special attention is given to the activities that are to provide the sustainability of the network after the end of the project.

Programme/Project objectives

The main aim of the project is to develop sustainable cooperation between EU civil society organizations (CSOs), Serbia civil society organizations and the Government of Serbia (GoS) within the field of social inclusion and poverty reduction.

Specific objectives

Specific objectives of the project are:

  • To establish cooperation between CSOs in Serbia and European Anti Poverty Network.
  • To improve organizational framework for more active, continuous and efficient action of CSOs in the field of social inclusion and poverty reduction.
  • To improve capacities of (CSOs) in Serbia for public policy analysis and advocacy in the area of social inclusion and poverty reduction in line with EU social policy framework.