Official title of the project

FOCUS - Fostering Cooperation, Utilizing Networking for Sustainable Regional Development in the Cross-Border Regions

Project information

Total budget of programme / project


Implementation period
2011. Mar - 2012. Mar
Expected results

According to project FOCUS planned activities, the expected results are:

  • Transferred knowledge and experience of a well established Hungarian RDA (DARFÜ) onto a newly founded RDA Backa in Serbia through a Workshop and a Study Visit;
  • Established network of RDAs between the project partners;
  • Cooperation Forum organized;
  • Database of key regional players structured around 4 designated priorities assessed and disseminated;
  • Prepared and delivered Action Plan for the period of 2014-2020;
  • Publicity material delivered and information disseminated through the period of project implementation;
  • Project management meetings held

Direct beneficiaries: Managers and the staff of Regional Development Agency Backa Ltd. and South Great Plain Regional Development Agency; the representatives (Majors) of municipalities from Backa region and Csongrad county; The representatives of Local Development (LD) Offices from Backa Municipalities; Indirect beneficiaries are: Companies (SMEs and large); organizations; institutions; chambers; foundations for enterprise promotion


South Great Plain Regional Development Agency Regional Development Agency Backa Ltd.

Summary of the project

The project aims at fostering cooperation, networking in the cross-border region of Backa and Csongrad county in order to establish sustainable regional development and minimize the marginalization of the border areas. We have defined 5 steps in duration of 12 months that lead to realization of our goals:

  1. Transferring knowledge and experience of a well established Hungarian RDA (DARFÜ) onto a newly founded RDA-Backa in Serbia through a Workshop and a Study Visit in order to enhance RDA’s capacities strengthen their role and structure them toward sustainable development.
  2. Establishing the Network of RDAs between the 2 PPs. Through the Network the PPs would maintain their partnership even after the implementation of the project and together they would find opportunities for further collaborations for the benefit of the regions. Within the implementation period the Network would foster the following 3 actions of the project.
  3. Organization of a Cooperation Forum. The event targets policy makers &stakeholders responsible for dealing with RDAs. The Forum highlights the role & purpose of RDA in the regional development processes, bringing attention to its relationship with the target group and it would also gives room for networking and establishing partnerships during the event.
  4. Assessment and dissemination of a Database of key regional players structured around 4 designated priorities: regional economic development, tourism related development, transport infrastructure development and settlement development. The Database stimulates partnerships, revives economy and fosters long-term sustainable development of the region.
  5. Action Plan would along the 4 priorities (used in the assessment of the database) map the needs and possible cooperation areas for the period 2014-2020 proposing actions for joint development between the 2 regions represented by the 2 PPs. The Action Plan is planned to be d

Programme/Project objectives

The overall objective: establishing institutional and knowledge basis for proper regional planning in Vojvodina; supporting capacity building of RDA-Backa by transferring Hungarian experience in regional development; formation of the Network of RDAs between the PPs; assessment of a database in order to enhance competitiveness; writing a joint Action Plan for the benefit of regional development in 2014-2020 period. The project in the long-run facilitates economic growth, enhances tourism and creates jobs.

Specific objectives

  1. Strengthening regional partnership between project partners by supporting the regional development process in cross-border cooperation of Hungary and Serbia
  2. Developing common institutional capacities and team building between the members of the RDAs and local municipalities for common project preparation and implementation
  3. Building the institutions and human resource capacity for managing the EU integration process on local level and larger EU fund absorption
  4. Supporting the regional development process in border area of Hungary and Serbia
  5. Developing the RDA capacities by transferring Hungarian know-how and good practice in regional development
  6. Assist long-term cooperation between the indirect target group