Official title of the project

Operating Grant to Strengthen the Operations of the Regional Development Agency Backa

Project information

Total budget of programme / project


Implementation period
2010. May - 2013. May
Expected results
  1. RDA Backa is established and operational as institution that takes leading role in regional planning and socio-economic development of the region of Backa;
  2. RDA Backa achieved visibility among local, provincial and national stakeholders, and established sustainable partnership with them;
  3. RDA Backa coordinated development and implementation of regional development projects, action plans and studies;
  4. RDA Backa strengthened competitiveness of private sector in Backa region that will result in job creation;

Regional Development Agency Backa Ltd.

Summary of the project

The lack of regional development institutions covering Backa territory and activities focused on developing overall regional socio – economic issues of Backa territory, resulted in the absence of a systemic approach to the development of all relevant components needed for balanced regional development issues in the territory of Backa. With this respect, in the period of operational support RDA Backa will develop its capacities in order to provide an adequate professional support to all local self-governments on the territory of Backa, as well as to all relevant subjects from the public, private and civil sector, and to become visible to all regional and national institutions in the country and abroad. The overall objective of Regional Development Agency Backa is to stimulate and improve sustainable economic and social development of Backa region. During the whole duration of the operating grant and in order to ensure the efficient development of RDA Backa, close links will be established with the Government of Vojvodina and its Regional Development Body, the other RDAs in Serbia and the region, the Ministry of Economy and Regional Development (MERD), the National Agency for Regional Development, all 19 Local self-governments in Backa Region and other key stakeholders working in this sector. With the synergetic effect of these agencies and the Regional Development Agency Backa, we will affect the increase of the competitiveness of the Backa region relative to other regions in Serbia, increase the mobility of local communities for preparing and leading on project implementation and preparing projects for available EU funds. This cooperation between the stakeholders will have a significant influence on the overall socio-economic conditions in the Backa region, and a balanced regional development.

Programme/Project objectives

Main goal of the project is to stimulate and improve sustainable economic and social development of Backa region. RDA Backa is dedicated to increasing life quality and living standard of the population of Backa. That will be achieved through activities in different fields, such as project planning, economy, human resources, environment, sustainable development and rural development.

Specific objectives

Specific objective of project is to establish a sustainable regional development agency in Backa in order to initiate, facilitate and co-ordinate design, development and delivery of regional socio-economic development project. RDA Backa is an institution focused on development of Backa region - Districts of West Backa and South Backa, and its main role is to initiate, facilitate and co-ordinate development projects in the region, creating the synergy effect by joint activities of the relevant stakeholders, social groups and individuals. In this way, through its actions, it will strive to encompass all competences given to it by the Law on Regional Development. Once it becomes operative, the RDA will be fully committed to improving capacities of its employees through trainings and education (personal and professional development) in different areas related to regional development issues, working closely with stakeholders, and being able to win financial support for various projects from foreign donors.