Official title of the project

Building of Human Resource Capacity within the Municipality of Bac

Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project


Implementation period
2010. Sep - 2011. Dec
Expected results
  • Educated employees of the local self-government of Bac in the field of  ICT
  • Educated employees of the local self-government of Bac, in the field of project management, entry to the EU funds and tender procedures.
  • Realistic project propsals developed by project teams participating in education with the assistance of a trainer.
  • Local self-governemnt of Bac equipped with an up-to-date ICT / computer equipment.

Improved partnership relations between Sombor and Bac local government


The Municipality of Bač


City of Sombor

Summary of the project

The basic programmed and planned orientation of the project  “Building of Human Resource Capacity within the Municipality of Bac“ represents a permanent process of the improvement  of the local government’s efficiency and capacities. The concept frame of the project  “Building of Human Resource Capacity within the Municipality of Bac“ contributes to enhancing quality of services for its citizens and economy in accordance with EU standards.By analysing the local administration in Bac the following types of problems have been encountered (the project should  deal with them):

A low level of ICT literacy of the Bac local administration employees and lack of human resource capacity in relation to ECDL (European Computers Driving Licence). ECDL as an internationally recognizable standard of computer literacy represents the criteria for evaluation of user’s capabilities.

Insufficient development of local human resources of the municipality of Bac for EU funds management. A local community has to show readiness and ability to access the funds that aim at significant improvement of municipal budget, hence enabling better survey and problem solving on local level. This would result in enhanced quality of municipal services aimed at citizens and economy.

Programme/Project objectives

Overall project objective:

Improvement of municipality service provision and improvement of the quality of life of the citizens of Bac

Specific objectives

1. Capacity building and strengthening of the Bac local government employees quality by implementation of the ICT literacy standards – ECLD.

2. Bac local administration capacity building for EU funds absorption through enabling of local administration for project proposals preparation.

3. Strengthening of the local government technical capacities by implementation of high-end ICT in the Bac local government operations.

4. Improvement of the partnership relation between the local governments of Sombor and Bac respectively, through the experience exchange and knowledge transfer.