Official title of the project

Stop Trafficking Of People! (STOP!)


Project information

Region / City
Belgrade, Serbia
Total budget of programme / project


Implementation period
2010. Jun - 2011. Sep
Expected results

Professional cooperation and exchange of experiences between Serbia civil society and EU, Slovenian Kljuc

Society and British Association for Fostering and Adoption (BAAF), peer organisations strengthened and made


• Serbian Astra CSO capacity built to improve its work with traumatised and sexually abused child victims of

trafficking and bring it in line with EU standards and agreed best practices

• Two training programmes for social workers and foster families of child victims of human trafficking developed

and submitted for accreditation

• Awareness raising campaign implemented in Serbia



Programme/Project objectives

The STOP project represents an example of good practice how the effective dialogue with the public sector can be achieved in order to foster the assistance to children victims of violence and human trafficking. Sustainable partnership was initiated with Center for foster care of children and youth from Belgrade in order to develop specialized foster care service for children victims of trafficking.

The proposed action is highly relevant to the needs and constraints of the country and target groups as it proposes intervention in recognised priority areas. Namely, the EC Serbia Country Report and the latest State Department report on trafficking agree on priority areas for Serbia: “...increase training for social workers and police to improve identification of trafficking victims; develop programs to address the increasingly growing problem of trafficking for forced labour and children who are victims of trafficking; and improve prevention efforts.”

Specific objectives

Project objective is to contribute to democratisation, respect for human rights and Serbia’s EU accession process through building sustainable Serbia-EU civil society dialogue and mutual exchange of experience on the issue of combating child trafficking.

Specific objectives is to strengthen civil society in Serbia to directly assist traumatised and sexually abused child victims of human trafficking through application of European best practices and practical approaches on the issue and the ability to influence development of state policies aligned with EU standards.