Official title of the project

Public Awareness facilitating environmental protection in the Municipality of Bac


Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

Budget / EC contribution

111.645,00 EUR/100.480,50

Implementation period
2011. Mar - 2012. Jun
Expected results
  • Trained personnel of the local self-government of Bac and PUC ''Tvrđava''
  • Trained pre-school and school children,
  • Informed citizens of the Municipality of Bač
  • The Municipality Bač equipped with containers for primary waste selection and baling,

Improved inter-municipal partnership between Sombor and Bač


The Municipality of Bač


City of Sombor

Summary of the project

Municipality of Bac does not have adequate technical preconditions for waste separation because the number of collection containers is currently extremely low (10 for paper and 10 for PET materials) and even the citizens who are aware of relevance of waste separation and its appropriate disposal are not always able to do so.

 Solving environmental issues and implementing waste management    in the  region is possible only through synergetic activities of municipalities. Enhancing inter-municipal partnerships plays an essential role in creation and implementation of regional and local development policies within the EU integration process. 

Programme/Project objectives

Overall project objective:

Preserving a healthy environment and improving the quality of life in the Municipality of Bac through enhancing local waste management capacities’

The overall objective is related to a very important activity in overall improvement of the Municipality of Bac, in the field of waste management, in order to preserve and enhance the environment, which is direct correlation with the process of sustainable development of the Municipality of Bac and present and future quality of life of its citizens. 

Specific objectives

Specific objectives:

1) Raising public awareness and enhancing target groups’ knowledge about the need to manage waste and protect the environment in the Municipality of Bac.

 (2) Enhancing technical capacities of the Municipality of Bac for collection and primary selection of waste

 (3) Improving partnership relations between the City of Sombor and the Municipality of Bac through transfer of knowledge and experience