Official title of the project

Improvement of city services and management capacities in the City of Nis

Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

Budget / EC contribution

143.000 EUR/ 122.000 EUR

Implementation period
2010. Sep - 2011. Oct
Expected results

One (1) city Call Centre established;

- One (1) city Centre for building license issuing established;

- One hundred and fifty (150) direct beneficiaries (target groups members) from the city of Nis will improve knowledge and management in the city administration and PUC’s will be strengthened.


All inhabitants of the city of Nis - 254 970 inhabitants and

12 133 entrepreneurs and SMEs


1. City of Aarhus / Denmark

2. NGO “Balkan Development Team”, City of Nis / Serbia

Summary of the project

The aim of this action is to introduce the EU norms, standards and procedures to the city of Nis management and staff and to contribute to the EU integration efforts by development and strengthening local government capacities according to EU standards.


The effective and efficient development of the city of Nis is not possible without local government capacity building process. In that sense the Call Centre and Centre for business license issuing  establishment, together with transfer of knowledge from EU partner municipality (city of Aarhus), will strength and build local government capacities and city of Nis will be more effective, efficient, responsive and accountable to the needs of its citizens, according to EU standards.

Programme/Project objectives

Main goal of the project is application of EU norms and standards and strengthening of local government ability and expertise in order to increase city administration and PUC’s capacities to improve service delivery to citizens and business community and city management capacities.


Action will be implemented through study tours, series of seminars, workshops and trainings, working groups meetings, exchange of experience and cooperation with our EU partner municipality - city of Aarhus from Denmark and NGO Balkan Development Team from Nis.

Specific objectives

  • Improve service delivery to citizens and business, through establishment of Call Centre. 
  • Improve service delivery to citizens and business, through establishment of Centre for building license issuing. 
  • Improve knowledge of city of Nis management and employees on EU, its institutions and functions, through exposure to good LG practice in the city of Aarhus in Denmark.