Official title of the project

Building new management systems and network IT infrastructure for the new citizens servicing era

Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

Budget / EC contribution

177.200 euro’s / 149.379 euro’s

Implementation period
2011. Mar - 2012. Jun
Expected results
  1. Municipal procedures and services are uniformed and standardized, through implementation and adoption of ISO 9001 standards;
  2. One (1) Citizens Assistance Centre established;
  3. Technical and IT equipment provided;
  4. Forty (40) municipal employees trained and educated according to EU standards and procedures;
  5. All citizens of Cuprija municipality are informed about new system which is established, through media campaign and printing materials (brochures, posters, leaflets).

All inhabitants of Cuprija municipality – 40 000 inhabitants


The Municipality of Celje /  Slovenia

Summary of the project

Due to lack of technical capacities and knowledge, Serbian municipalities, including the Municipality of Cuprija, are in a need for more innovative mechanisms to the self-functioning improvement and applying tools and techniques to foster socio-economic growth at local level. Therefore, the establishment of the Citizen servicing area and appropriate management system will improve the delivery of municipal services and promote efficient and modern local government through its modernization.

Citizens Assistance Centre will represent a front line between investors, entrepreneurs and local authorities. It is a place where individuals and legal entities will submit requests for licenses and will be provided with all the relevant information for improving their business (available loans, funds, grants, business news, etc.). By merging various departments and different levels of competence, unnecessary and duplicate activities will be eliminated in the procedure of issuing permits and resolving other claims of legal persons. Enhancement of the local self government human resources capacities, skills, knowledge and expertise will be achieved by transferring the know-how methods, good practice and experience from the partner municipality so that in future they will have an active role in local government promotion as an institution that meets all the needs of citizens, entrepreneurs and investors.

Programme/Project objectives

Strengthening the capacity of local self authorities to improve service delivery to citizens and to stimulate local economic development according to good EU practice

All areas of socio-economic realities of a local community and their promotion depend on the degree of efficiency and functionality of territory managers and local communities, and local government. Improvement of local government and its high functionality create conditions for accelerated development in all other areas of development, prosperity of the entire territory and, finally, meeting key stakeholders’ needs through effective municipal services and creating a favorable environment for stimulating local economic development.

Specific objectives

1. Enhancement and development of technical capacities of Cuprija local government employees according to EU principles through improvement of skills, performance and knowledge of municipal administration staff.


2. Improved system for communication with citizens through reorganization of municipal administration into a citizen orineted system

3. Transfer of experience and knowledge from EU partner according to EU regulatory standards


4. Introduction of standardization of municipal procedures and services through ISO 9001 system