Official title of the project

Establishment of EU corporative model for improvement of municipal services in Zitoradja municipality

Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

Budget / EC contribution

183 585 EUR/152 590 EUR

Implementation period
2010. Sep - 2011. Dec
Expected results
  • One Citizens Assistance Centre established
  • Three municipal field offices connected to the CAC and its services available to rural population
  • IT equipment and network provided
  • Fifty (50) Municipal officials and employees are introduced with EU standards and model for EU corporate planning and management. EU knowledge applied into practice.
  • 50% of municipal registry books (birth, death, citizenships and marriage) entered into the relevant software
  • Municipal Task Force introduced with EU local government  practice
  • 1000 printed and distributed CAC brochures and leaflets

18 207 of Zitoradja inhabitants and over 190 SMEs


1. City of Odense / Denmark

2. Citizens Association “Initiatives”, Prokulje / Serbia

Summary of the project

The aim of this action is to apply EU approach towards institutional framework of corporative management and efficient administering and operation of municipal services to citizens and business community. The Municipality of Zitoradja lacks with knowledge on such innovative project which is designed to build a sustainable and modern government of Zitoradja Municipality through a) capacity building of human resources b) applying of EU model for local administration management and c) well structured services operation in the field of notary and registry books offices, urban planning and cadastre offices, working booklets, voting registry, local tax administration office, information desk to citizens and business community, agriculture services, veteran disability protection office. Main project activities are as follows:


- Establishment of Municipal Task Force (MTF) – an executive body for planning, realizing and implementing technical and administration aspects of the project

- Study tours to EU partner municipality (Odense / Denmark) – for the purposes of acquiring knowledge on EU standards and practice used in Odense

- Visits of Odense experts – direct technical and knowledge transfer provision to MTF in management and operation aspects of the CAC

- Space renovation and furnishing works.

- Procurement and installment works on IT equipment

- Conduction of specialized trainings and seminars

- Data entry

- Project promotion

Programme/Project objectives

Main goal of the project is to apply new model of communication between the municipality and citizens, improve municipal management and organization and on the top of all, provide efficient services to citizens and business community in obtaining all needed documents and information at one place – all followed by EU standards and practice.

Action will be implemented through study tours, series of seminars and trainings, working groups meetings, exchange of experience and cooperation with our EU partner municipality - City of Odense from Denmark and Citizens Association “Initiatives” from Prokuplje.

Specific objectives

1. Establishment of the local government corporative management for efficient services delivery in accordance to the EU standards;

2. Introduction into EU model for corporative planning and capacity building of municipal and public utility