Official title of the project

Strengthening Local Economic Development of Rača Municipality through Strengthening Capacities of Agricultural Producers CRIS 246-958

Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project



          Budget/EC contribution



              114 425,00 / 100.925,00

Implementation period
2010. Sep - 2011. Sep
Expected results

- Two new clusters of agricultural producers established in Rača. The clusters will gather together agricultural producers from the fields of fruit production and corn. Their aim is to strengthen their competitiveness on the market and to enable producers to place their products on the common basis.

- Office for support to agricultural producers established in Rača- one-stop-shop for agricultural producers from Rača and is going to channel communication between the Municipality and the producers in the organized way. Within this project, Office should distribute information about grants and credit opportunities to at least 100 agricultural producers from the territory of Rača municipality.

- Training programme for agricultural producers successfully realized. 50 agricultural producers from Rača Municipality successfully passed the training programme managed by experts (outsource) and municipal staff of Senta Municipality. Through field visits of an expert it is proven they implement innovative and environmentally responsible measures in their work.

- Study visit to Senta successfully realized. 50 agricultural producers – trainees from the training programme and staff from the Rača Municipal office for support to agricultural producers visited Senta and got experience and good practice from municipal staff and agricultural producers from the partner municipality.

- Exhibition of clusters, including at least 45 agricultural producers from the clusters, held in Rača. Representatives of partners and stakeholders also present on the Exhibition.


Direct beneficiaries: agricultural producers ( 50 trainees), municipal staff from Rača Municipality

Indirect beneficiaries: other agricultural producers,their families, local authority, agricultural sector in Serbia


Municipality of Senta, RS-2010-BZM-1902024475, Serbian

Summary of the project

In the previous period, process of reforms has gripped all parts of the society, including agricultural sector. Reforms include restructuring sector, strengthening of competitiveness of agricultural producers and adjusting their offer to the needs of the market. However, less developed or undeveloped municipalities, such as Rača, face with serious trouble in their attempts to achieve high level of development in this field.


The problem of slow development of agricultural sector especially affects Rača Municipality. Out of over 13000 inhabitants of the Municipality, more than 70% are living in villages and are oriented towards agricultural production. In accordance to this, agriculture is key pillar of economic development of Rača municipality. Municipality of Rača is unable to finance strategic investments in this field from their own funds, as Rača is in the group of 40 least developed municipalities in Serbia.


Realization of this project would mostly solve or reduce problems of agricultural producers involved into project activities, provide expansion of their educational, economic and work capacities and provide prerequisites for their positioning on the market.

Programme/Project objectives

  • Fostering and developing of agricultural skills among the producers from the territory of the Municipality of Rača
  • Developing entrepreneurship on the territory of Rača Municipality
  • Developing human resources on the territory of the Municipality of Rača
  • Strengthening capacities of Raca Municipality for good governance
  • Promoting culture of cooperation among different groups on the plan of local development
  • Strengthening and promoting cross-municipal partnerships as supporting tool for local economic development
  • Developing infrastructure for the support of local economic development of the Municipality of Rača


Specific objectives

Specific objective of the project: Contribution to economic development of the Municipality of Rača, by strengthening specific capacities of local population and developing resources for the support of the agricultural producers on local level.