Official title of the project

Healthy Environmental Campaign in the Community of Blace in Serbia


Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

Budget / EC contribution

113.158,98 euro/101.843,08 euro

Implementation period
2010. Sep - 2011. Nov
Expected results
  • Capacities of municipal employees in the field of ecology increased
  • Ecological education model prepared and implemented
  • Healthy Environment Campaign in Blace carried out
  • Publication with methodology of ecological education for  youth developed

Direct: municipal employees, NGO representatives, institutions related to environmental protection and representatives of education sector

indirect: citizens of municipality of Blace


Municipality of Chmielnik, Poland

Summary of the project

This project will contribute chiefly to solving the problem of not understanding the seriousness of the issue of environmental protection. Implementation of the project will lead to improvement of the state of enviroment in Blace and will draw the attention of the whole country on matters related to ecology. Identified key problem is the unsatisfactory state of the environment in Serbia, this problem results mostly from low public awareness of ecological matters. Investigation on Public Enviromental Awareness presented in the document: "Local environmental strategic plan of Municipality of Blace" proves that inhabitants of Blace do not posses basic knowledge on the subject and do not pay attention of the problem of ecology and ecological life-style.

Another problem, wich has been highlighted in the strategy document is waste segregation.

Therefore the applicant plans to conduct public campaign aimed at promoting environmental protection, which is the main result of the project in question. Because of small experience in carrying out this type of campaigns, the project involves training of the Office staff, representatives of Local NGOs and representatives of education in Blace by, experienced in this field, officials from the partner Municipality of Chmielnik in Poland

Programme/Project objectives

 The actions taken within the project will help to draw public attention to the problem of environmental protection, not only in commune of Blace, but also throughout the country.

Developed educational materials, methods to improve the environment as well as introducing ecological education into schools will definetely contribute to the main goal of this project - improving the enviroment and improving quality of life.

Specific objectives

Municipality of Blace intends to change citizens attitude towards environment protection. They plan to raise public awareness on environment protection issues, by upgrading skills of municipal officials and employees, representatives of Local NGOs, through professional experience exchange between project partners.