Official title of the project


Project information

Region / City
Novi Sad
Total budget of programme / project

Budget / EC contribution

EUR 193.790,00 / EUR 159.702,34

Implementation period
2011. Mar - 2012. Aug
Expected results

R1. Defined method of E-government setting up and functioning

R2. Created electronic services fully functional

R3. Improved public awareness on significance and method of use of E-government and promoted Project objectives and results

R4. Successfully implemented Project


City of Novi Sad


City of Niš, Serbia

Public Utility Company “Informatika”, Serbia

Summary of the project

The E-government has not reached the level that would enable complete replacement of direct or written interaction of public authorities and citizens in any of the segments. The need for simplification of document obtaining procedures, their processing, providing of information and other services is actual and obvious on a daily basis.



A1. Preparation for setting up of E-government.  It is necessary to lay down a good basis for E-government implementation. This implies: study visits, analysis (survey) of the needs of beneficiaries, survey of the existing status, defining of the target status, and elaboration of Terms of Reference. The completion of this Activity will create conditions for creating of electronic services, which represents the following Project Activity.

            A2.  Creating of electronic services and their placing at the disposal of citizens and legal entities through the portal and electronic document reception desk. This Activity actually implies setting up of E-government in the City of Novi Sad through hardware and software procurement and installation, web portal development, integration of the existing E-services and implementation of new ones, creating of electronic document reception desk and survey of the opinions of beneficiaries on the accomplished results.

            A3. Promotion activities.  

            A4. Project management.

Programme/Project objectives

The overall objective of the project is to increase capacities of local authorities to improve service delivery and stimulate local development through creating of new mechanisms for modernly oriented and efficient government in the service of beneficiaries and market economy.

This contributes to harmonisation of regulations, methods of work and standards that will make local self-government compatible with the European Union values and institutions

Specific objectives

The specific objective of the Project is to enhance local capacities for good governance, city management, and service delivery through providing of access to services of local authorities in an electronic way.

Electronic public service serves to enhancing of communication and co-operation of local self-government and its institutions with the citizens and economy, control and simplification of administrative procedures and enabling of their public access, in particular when it comes to disabled persons, poor persons and other deprived and threatened population categories