Official title of the project

Improvement of the process of attracting investments to the municipality of Merošina

Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

Budget / EC contribution

EUR  117.813,00 / EUR  100.653,00

Implementation period
2011. Mar - 2012. Mar
Expected results
  1. Developed Spatial Plan of municipality (SPM) and Report on Environmental Impact Assessment of SPM, together with knowledge transfer of associates from the municipality of Stara Pazova
  2. Improved efficiency of LED (Local Economic Development) Office work on promoting and attracting investments to the municipality of  Merošina, together with knowledge transfer of associates from the municipality of Stara Pazova
  3. Improved visibility of investment potentials and resources of the municipality of Merošina

Employees of the municipal administration and public enterprises of the municipality of Merošina (round 100 representatives) and Stara Pazova (round 20 representatives); Investors community of the municipality of Merošina (round 50 representatives), Serbian Investment and Export Promotion Agency (SIEPA) (round 20 representatives); citizens of the municipality of Merošina (14812 citizens) and  potential investors

Summary of the project

Absence of Spatial Plan of Municipality (SPM) of Merošina and Report on environmental impact assessment of SPM, are representing significant limitating (eliminating!!!) factor for attracting investors. On the other hand, production of SPM of Merošina will not make any significant effects unless there is adequately trained stuff at the municipal administration (LED Office) who can properly interpret regulations of the mentioned Document as well as to present, whenever needed, the most important investment potentials and resources to potential investors.  Currently, such staff does not exist at the local municipal administration. Significant information basis and staff capable to interpret properly the above mentioned shall significantly influence visibility of Municipal investment potentials and resources, also by using adequately printed brochures and the Internet presentation, which would be adjusted to different investor’s profiles (coming from agricultural, industrial, tourism and similar sectors). Currently, local self governance does not have adequate brochures on investment potentials, as well as adequate Internet website adjusted to the investors. All the mentioned also caused currently very low visibility (invisibility) of the Municipal investment potentials and resources

Programme/Project objectives

Increased capacity of the local self governance for provision of services and stimulating social-economic development.

Due to the fact that municipality of Merošina enjoys the status of an extremely undeveloped municipality, during the previous decade mainly young and vital population was leaving from it, which led to a significant reduction of the population, as well as other negative trends regarding the economic development. 

In order to reduce and neutralize negative demographic and economic processes, the local self governance started reorganizing its functioning as well as full capacity building for provision of services and stimulating social-economic development as being its strategic objective (Overall objective) that it tends to accomplish in the forthcoming period.

Specific objectives

Improved capacity of Merošina municipal administration for attracting investments.

In order to succeed in attracting potential investor and improving its competitiveness level, local self governance has to create adequate planning and urbanistic bases, to increase capacity of the city administration employees who would communicate with the interested investors, as well as to improve visibility of its investment potentials and resources.