Official title of the project

Public Fund Management Improvement in Arandjelovac

Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

Budget / EC contribution

269 951 EUR / 242 956 EUR (90%)

Implementation period
2011. Mar - 2012. May
Expected results
  • Project Work Assignment defined (with all ne necessary data for development of new budgetary procedures and software)
  • Analysis of the current system of financial management and detailed proposals for optimising and ensuring more central control of municipal finances.
  • Unique and consistent procedures/software for management of public funds developed
  • Special Manual on software usage, budgetary procedures and trainings developed
  • Local administrations staff trained for usage of new software and new budgetary procedures
  • Promoted new software, its procedures and usage benefits to target groups and all stakeholders

Municipality of Arandjelovac, Serbia


Tartu City Government, Estonia

Summary of the project

Local self-governments in Serbia lack the information on their own revenues in their budgetary system and have no accurate estimation on their inflow and outflow, thus they face many problems in budget management and its execution, especially in accurate reporting of all municipal revenues and spending.  This project will be the first step towards building up a unique budgetary system of local self-government in Serbia. Arandjelovac will introduce this concept through detailed analysis on different options how to increase control and transparency over municipal finances and then delivering comprehensive software, which will cover not only technical but also management issues in system of budget management and its execution. Also, the project aims at delivering a broad training programme to a wide range of existing municipality personnel. Main objective is to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and transparency in the use of public funds in the Municipality of Arandjelovac. The project will improve financial planning and budget management of the Municipality of Arandjelovac through introduction of new software, which will become direct tool that will not only fit to the current budgetary needs, but will adjust budget format in order to enable achieving strategic goals  of the Municipality.

Programme/Project objectives

The overall objective of the project is improving the efficiency, effectiveness and transparency in the expenditure of public funds in the Municipality of Arandjelovac. Software with unique format will be produced and implemented in the Municipality of Arandjelovac to improve its budget management, budget execution and reporting process. Capacity building in using the software will be conducted for local administration staff who is responsible for budgetary management and reporting and new procedures which ensure a greater clarity and transparency in the decision making process will be established. 

Specific objectives

 The specific objectives of the project are:

  • Systematization, streamlining (and centralization where reasonable) the system of financial management in all public organizations belonging to the municipality of Arandjelovac
  • Developing an institutional tool/software that will adjust budget format in order to improve budget management, budget execution, budget reporting and budget transparency
  • Providing educational/training tools that will increase the capacity of local administration staff in budget management and its execution
  • Promoting new procedures of budget management, budget execution, budget reporting and budget transparency