Official title of the project

Tourism - a new chance for cooperation and development

Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

Budget / EC contribution

EUR 203.790,00 / EUR 182.040,00

Implementation period
2010. Sep - 2011. Sep
Expected results

R1: The Municipality of Arilje is aware of the good-practice examples in the field of management and providing services in the tourist sector and applies acquired knowledge and experience.

R2:Defined visual identity and improved tourist infrastructure in The Municipality of Arilje in pursuance with the partner experience and principles of sustainable exploitation of natural resources.

R3: Improved entrepreneur capacities (service providers) from The Municipality of Arilje in the rural tourism sector.

R4: Promoted Project and sustainable tourist offer of the Municipality of Arilje


Municipality of Arilje


Municipality of Čajetina, Ibar Development Association “IDA”, Tourist Organization of Municipality Majdanpek

Summary of the project

The existing business environment for the development of tourism in the Municipality of Arilje is not at a satisfactory level even though the Municipality of Arilje has been investing effort in the last few years in order to improve the conditions in this sector. The current results are not satisfactory for the municipal administration, so it has decided to dedicate a substantial portion of the project in creating conditions for increasing this income if the quality of life of the rural population in the Municipality of Arilje is improved.

Trained human resources present a prerequisite for tourism development in certain areas. Considering the facts that human resource capacities in the Municipality of Arilje in the field of managing and offering services in the tourism sector are at a very low level, there is absolute justification for the Municipality of Arilje to train its human resources through this Action, in order to be ready to offer quality service to the stakeholders in the tourism sector. In accordance with this specific goal, the Municipality of Arilje will significantly improve human resource capacities in the tourism sector (both its employees as well as other stakeholders).


Programme/Project objectives

Improved quality of life for the rural population by creating a stimulating environment for tourism development, good management and providing efficient services by the Municipality of Arilje.

Specific objectives

Specific objective 1:

Improved stakeholder capacities in the Municipality of Arilje for good governance and service delivery in the tourism sector in accordance with the partner experience.

Specific objective 2:

Improved quality and increased transparency of tourism offer in the Municipality of Arilje in accordance with the adopted priorities and principles of sustainable development.