Official title of the project

Reducing waste together – A New step to Europe

Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

Budget / EC contribution

EUR 208.400,00 / EUR 187.518,32

Implementation period
2011. Mar - 2012. Jun
Expected results

R1: Improved institutional (organizational) capacities of the Municipality of Arilje for service delivery and integral waste management in compliance with the defined priorities and experience from the partner organizations.

R2: Improved citizen awareness in the Municipalities of Arilje and Indjija for responsible and rational handling of communal waste

R3: Expanded volume and improved system of organized waste collection along with a reduced waste volume (through selection and recycling) on the territory of the Municipalities of Arilje and Indjija.

R4: Promoted action and support from the EU to Serbia in the accession process.


Municipality of Arilje


Municipality of Inđija, Ibar Development Association “IDA”

Summary of the project

Waste collection (which is part of the public utilities) in the Municipality of Arilje is not adequately organized. It is incomplete; the system is inefficient and does not sufficiently contribute to the development of the entrepreneurship and the preservation of the environment. All the stated issues contribute to an insufficient development of the community infrastructure on the territory of the Municipality of Arilje.

Due to the stated reasons, the action will directly contribute to the improvement of efficiency of public utilities, development of entrepreneurship and the preservation of the environment in the Municipality of Arilje.

Following the identification and problem analysis in the management sector of communal waste, the Municipality of Arilje will have concluded that the objective of this action must be the improvement of the whole system in accordance with the:

  1. adopted priorities in the sector of public utility services in the strategic municipal documents;
  2. positive experience of other municipalities which have substantial results in the field of communal waste management;
  3. principles of sustainable development in order for the improved system to efficiently contribute to the preservation of the environment in correlation with the economic development, social development and development of institutions which provide the system efficiency.

Programme/Project objectives

Developed communal infrastructure, improved public areas and efficient public utility services based on market principles contribute to the entrepreneur atmosphere and environmental protection.

Specific objectives

Municipality of Arilje will have established an efficient waste management system in compliance with the adopted strategic priorities, partner experience and principles of sustainable development and good governance.