Official title of the project

''Better records – increased revenues – increased investments''

Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project


Budget / EC contribution


121.499 EUR / 100.370 EUR

Implementation period
2011. Mar - 2012. May
Expected results
  • increased number of taxpayers
  • new system of collection and enhanced collection of utilities
  • assists in the legalization of objects
  • environmental protection (reduced number of abandoned dogs)

This project affects a large number of beneficiaries in Paracin: from its citizens - beneficiaries of services of local municipal services and utilities, the officials and the employed in the departments of the Municipal Administration of Paracin and Public Utility Company.


Municipality of Murska Sobota

Republic of Slovenia

Summary of the project

The project provides support and assistance for the implementation of the reform of the tax system by strengthening the role of planning revenues and the control of the management of revenue expenditure in the local community and thereby contribute to strengthening the capacity of local authorities to stimulate local development. Also, the data that are collected in the field will not only be of benefit to the local tax administration regarding the administration of local public revenues, but data will also be collected in the field for the development of the GIS database, an inventory of family members for the purpose of charging for the service of garbage disposal, as well as for determination of the situation regarding the illegaly built objects (owners, utility equipment, design documentation).

Programme/Project objectives

Contribution to improving the capacity of municipality of Paracin to efficiently manage local development resources with the application of EU standards.

Specific objectives

1.  Improved financial management by exchanging experiences with partner municipalities from the EU, introduced EU standards and better predictability of the sources of public revenues and provided clearer planning of capital investments.

2. Provided sustainability and the ability to self-financing of the investments in local development through the efficient and fair collection of local public revenues. Provided an equitable distribution of burden among the taxpayers in the Municipality of Paracin.

3. Improved capacity of the local authorities for a more efficient collection of public revenues (property tax and construction land tax) as well as fees for municipal services through updating the database and GIS development. Improved capacity of Local Tax Administration to carry out its tasks more efficiently, to use and manage its resources, with more efficiency and transparency.