Official title of the project

Capacity strengthening for local self-governments for the implementation of energy efficiency measures

Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

Budget / EC contribution

165.492,00 EUR

Implementation period
2010. Nov - 2012. Jun
Expected results

- Improvement of  local self government capacities for energy efficiency through creation of  energy management team,

- Establishment of office for energy management,

- Acquired know how in energy efficiency,

- Increased of awareness of inhabitants in municipalities on energy efficiency issues,

- Energy balances of critical points of energy consumption are defined,

- Energy control system for  energy consumption.


Municipality of Žabalj


- Municipality of Žabalj, Lead beneficiary

- Municipality of Temerin,

- Municipality of Titel

- Regional Agency for the Development of SMEs “Alma Mons” Ltd. Novi Sad,

- Municipality of Varvarin

Summary of the project

The action aims to aid the municipalities in solving the problems of low energy efficiency of the municipal institutions, services and premises, the lack of local energy management offices, the inexistence of an integrated system of energy consumption monitoring, unavailability of energy accounting data and the inability to implement the energy efficiency measures recognised as necessary by the local development strategies.

The project targets three municipalities of Žabalj, Titel and Temerin. Due to the geographical proximity and the similar size, they are experiencing similar problems with regard to energy management.

As the local population is largely uninformed on the measures of energy saving and the principles of responsible use of resources, the project is expected to raise awareness of the benefits of energy efficiency and contribute to the rise of the economic potential of the population.


Through the introduction of a local energy efficiency office, the project will enhance the institutional capacity of the municipalities by introducing a new service and supporting other institutions.


The project aims to improve the quality of life on a local level through the increase of economic potential that energy management and saving measures are expected to produce.


The action will also have significant effect on the aspect of environmental protection, due to its emphasis on the responsible use of resources and monitoring of consumption of electricity, fuels and water.

Programme/Project objectives

Strengthening of the local authority capacities for the improvement of utilities services and to stimulation the local economical development using the measures of energy efficiency.

The implementation of measures for the increase of energy efficiency in municipal services will lead to decreased energy and water losses in the distributional systems, thereby decreasing expenditures and strain on the municipal budget. This will make resources available in the municipality for other purposes.

For the implementation of energy efficiency measures, local service enterprises will have to be engaged, new production capacities built for the production of equipment and components for energy expenditure decrease. Those activities will lead to the acceleration of the economic growth of the municipality.

Specific objectives

  1. To create the conditions for monitoring of energy consumption and energy management system of the local authority. Forming the municipal teams for energy management will create conditions for the energy consumption monitoring.
  2. Creation of the framework for the energy saving utilities services. It is necessary to design stimulative measures on the municipal level and use them as incentives for the implementation of energy saving measures.
  3. To strength the local authorities for the planning of energy development. Awareness of the municipal management about the necessity of local energy development planning should be raised via promotional and educational campaigns.
  4. To introduce the model of systematical tracking of the energy consumption, to implement the measures of energy efficiency in public buildings.