Official title of the project

The development of an integrated pest, disease and natural hazard management system in agricultural crops


Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

Budget / EC contribution

 269.428,81 EUR /222.548,20 EUR

Implementation period
2010. Sep - 2011. Dec
Expected results
  • Three study visits by representatives of local Serbian partners to the Czech Republic – Municipality of Valašske Meziriči. Three visits by Czech partners (Municipality of Valašske Meziriči) to the City of Čačak, and the Moravica and Zlatibor Districts.
  • Equipment provided to the Rural Development Centres and Extension Services for the reporting and forecasting activities and special research activities of the Fruit Research Institute. The Čačak local government’s EXTENSION SERVICE established and put into operation. 
  • One-day trainings organised for members of the Rural Development Centres, City Administration and Agricultural Extension Services. The employees trained.
  • Training and forums organised for primary agricultural producers on preventive actions to be taken based on the information received from the forecasting and reporting service.
  • Continuous monitoring of the integrated pest, disease and natural hazard management system in agricultural crops, analysis of the data obtained and goal-oriented research on pests and diseases of the major fruit crop.

Agricultural producers in the Moravica and Zlatibor Districts


Consulting and Expert Service, Čačak (Serbia)

Consulting and Expert Service, Užice (Serbia)

Fruit Research Institute, Čačak (Serbia)

Municipality of Valašske Meziriči (Czech Republic)

Summary of the project

Throughout the action, the local government (City of Čačak) will develop the EXTENSION SERVICE that will provide services to agricultural producers, through the conversion of the current Rural Development Centers and by linking the activities of the local government with those of agricultural extension services and Fruit Research Institute, aiming at encouraging the overall rural development and crop, disease and natural hazard management in agricultural crops.

This action is a combination of different activities, including a range of trainings for different target groups, technical support provided by the EU partner from the Czech Republic and provision of equipment to be used for pest, disease and natural hazard management in agricultural crops. The different training courses will include: seminars and workshops to be organised for local government employees, study visits to the Czech Republic, public forums, lectures specifically designed for agricultural producers, and different media coverage (programmes, participation of experts in the media, weather forecasts, etc.). The provision of equipment will directly lead to improvements in both the reporting and forecasting services rendered and the operational efficiency of the agricultural extension services.

Programme/Project objectives

To contribute to the rural development of the Moravica and Zlatibor Districts through the formation and development of local governments’ extension services provided to agricultural producers within the Rural Development Centers in a number of villages.

To contribute to the overall local economic development in the Moravica and Zlatibor Districts through the system of integrated pest, disease and natural hazard management in agricultural crops.

Specific objectives

  • To increase the volume of agricultural crop production through the dynamic communication and distribution of data between the Rural Development Centers, extension services and primary agricultural producers.
  • To reduce the harmful effects of natural hazards, diseases and pests on agricultural crops through the full implementation of reporting and forecasting services provided to primary agricultural producers.
  • To improve the overall living conditions in the rural areas through horizontal decentralization and by bringing the local government services closer to the rural population.

This will be achieved through improvement and modernization of the Forecasting and Reporting Services (forecasting, reporting and informing on diseases and pests) provided by the Moravica and Ovčar Agricultural Extension Services to agricultural producers, as well as of the services of the local government through the activities of its three Rural Development Centers provided to agricultural producers. The general environmental situation in the districts will be also improved as more judicious use of pesticides will be achieved.