Official title of the project

Sharing smiles


Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

Budget / EC contribution

EUR 171.530,00/EUR 154.030,00

Implementation period
2010. Sep - 2011. Dec
Expected results

1.Built up knowledge and skills required to provide efficient social service in question

2. Inter municipal cooperation in the field of social welfare established

3. Daily Care Center (DCC) established in Čoka municipality, staffed, in operation.

4. Awareness and sensitivity of local communities increased


Mentally challenged children; Disabled children; Children from vulnerable families;

Families of the children

Local communities of Čoka, Kanjiža, Kikinda and Novi Kneževac 


Kanjiza Municipality, Kikinda Municipality, Novi Knezevac Municipality

Summary of the project

             Sharing smiles project has the aim to overcome the lack of adequate municipal and institutional support of the local community to the vulnerable categories of children. Most of the vulnerable categories of children are living completely isolated from the community and have never had any contacts with other children. On the other side, a different vulnerable category of the children are the ones that are coming from the vulnerable families such as Roma children, children from the families living in extreme poverty and families with disturbed family relations.  Some of these children are attending special schools but most of them are attending regular primary schools and because of learning difficulties and behavioral disorders they quit their education. Also, the lack of the cooperation between the municipal staff that is in charge of planning and managing social services stands as a significant problem that needs to be addressed.

Programme/Project objectives

The project “Sharing smiles” is designed in order to establish the systematic support to the vulnerable categories of the children by acting on different levels.

Supporting municipal management capacity building and stimulating inter-municipal cooperation in the field of social care management and establishing new social services for the vulnerable categories of the children and improving existing ones. The project will also act in the local communities by increasing sensitivity towards vulnerable categories of children and by involving the local community in the social care system through increased volunteering opportunities.

Specific objectives

Specific objective

Systematic service in place to support children mentally challenged, with special needs and behavioral disorders in municipalities of Čoka, Kikinda, Novi Kneževac and Kanjiža. Supporting municipal management capacities and stimulating inter municipal cooperation in the field social care management. The project will establish inter municipal cooperation of the four neighboring municipalities of the Banat region regarding planning and managing the social care issues related to the vulnerable categories of the children. Establishing new social services for the vulnerable categories of the children and improving existing ones.

The project is oriented towards establishing institutional support to vulnerable categories of children in Čoka municipality as well as improving of the knowledge and skills of professionals working with this category of the children in other involved municipalities.