Official title of the project

Water Supply In Line With European Standards

Project information

Region / City
Gornji Milanovac
Total budget of programme / project

Budget / EC contribution

236,525.00 EUR/208,780.62 EUR

Implementation period
2011. Mar - 2012. Jun
Expected results

R1: Improved management of water supply in the Municipality of Gornji Milanovac based on the development priorities, respecting principles of sustainable development, energy efficiency and cost effectiveness

R2: Strengthened capacities of the professional units in the municipality of Gornji Milanovac responsible for water supply.

R3: Increased citizen’s awareness on necessity of rational use of water

R4: Project promoted and promoted EU support to Serbia and EU integrations


Citizens of Gornji Milanovac,Local communities (MZ) in Gornji Milanovac, private sector / companies and SMEs


Partner 1: City of Uzice, RS-2009-FDO-1109804914, Serbia

Partner 2: PUC Gornji Milanovac, RS-2010-EVJ-1608325767, Serbia

Summary of the project

  • Preparation and implementation of Pilot Project Digitalization of Water Supply Network Data, pilot Project GIS  
  • Prepare and implement Pilot Project Remote Control and Management of Water Supply System and pilot Project Energy Efficiency;
  • Prepare and conduct exchange visits with partner municipality; and experience exchange between partners. Trainings for use of GIS software;
  • Training for elaboration of economic analysis in the area of water supply; Elaborated mid-term development plan for PCC;
  • Elaboration and harmonization of local legal regulations with legal frame based on experiences of partners;
  • Training on modern approaches in managing and designing water supply projects;
  • Training on energy efficiency in water supply and using software for remote control and management
  • Preparation and realization of media campaign; educational activities and camp for primary school children;
  • Prepare, publish and distribute printed materials;
  • Prepare and conduct a campaign in MZs;
  • Conduct a survey on citizens' opinion on rational use of water;
  • Media promotion and Elaboration of printed  promotion materials;
  • Prepare and regularly update the municipal and PUC websites;

Organize forums on EU Integrations, experience exchange and good practice from the EU to Serbia

Programme/Project objectives

Improved quality of living of citizens and conditions for economic development in the Municipality of Gornji Milanovac through the developed communal systems and efficient and quality communal service provision

Specific objectives

Rational and efficient water supply system in the Municipality of Gornji Milanovac, improved management of communal services in the area of water supply, in line with strategic priorities and principles of sustainable development, market orientation and energy efficiency

Considering the data from the water supply sector in the municipality of Gornji Milanovac (water supply restrictions during 2007 and 2008, the use of available water), the intention of the Municipality of Gornji Milanovac to upgrade the water supply system management, modernize the existing physical infrastructure capacities and secure an even and quality water supply for citizens and business sector, through this project is completely justified.