Official title of the project

SWAM Sustainable waste management in Municipality of Gadzin Han

Project information

Region / City
Gadzin Han
Total budget of programme / project

Budget / EC contribution

244790 / 220311

Implementation period
2011. Mar - 2012. Mar
Expected results
  • Existing detailed map of waste dumps reviewed
  • Cleaning and Prevention Plan for dumps prepared
  • Minimum 60 workers in the area of work safety on cleaning dumps trained
  • Waste transport truck and minimum 7 containers purchased
  • Minimum 15 dumps cleaned and marked with warning signs and info board
  • Minimum 60 participants trained on the waste management and minimum 20 participants trained as ecological agents for monitoring of the environmental issues
  • General public better informed by printing and distributing leaflets and guides on waste management

Direct: Public Utility Companies from Gadzin Han and neighboring municipalities, private companies and NGOs.

Indirect: Municipal Public Utility and Construction Company and citizens of the municipality of Gadzin Han


Municipality of Lolland (Denmark)

Summary of the project

The purpose of the action is to improve the situation related to the waste management and environmental protection in general at the territory of Gadzin Han Municipality and neighboring municipalities. The action will improve a waste management practice, clean the dumps, educate citizens on the proper waste management, exchange experiences and knowledge with partner from EU (Municipality Lolland) through study visit, and build the partnership network between public sector (Municipality, public utility companies) and private sector (companies, NGOs and citizens initiatives). The situation will be improved by cleaning of dumps in order to have a cleaner environment. Furthermore, cleaning of the dumps will reduce hazards for forming of polluted leachates, which represent a huge pollution threat for water and soil. Additionally, all dumps will be marked with the warning/informational boards and the environmental monitoring system will be organized. There will be educated ecological agents (citizens, which represent local communities). There will be increased efficiency of local public utility company by purchase of waste transport truck and containers and improvement of system for the waste transport. Additionally, rising public awareness and education on proper waste management and establishment of the waste management group (cluster) are activities anticipated to be implemented.


Programme/Project objectives

The overall objective of the project is to improve environmental protection through sustainable use of resources, improve the waste management and quality of life at the local level.

The main goal is to improve waste management in the Gadzin Han Municipality by cleaning dumps on the Municipal territory and improving public awareness and practices in the waste disposal. Also, the cooperation between Municipal administration, public utility companies from Gadzin Han and neighboring Municipalities, and private waste recycling companies, will be established in order to establish effective, efficient and proper waste management system.

Specific objectives

The specific objective is to improve the waste management at the Municipality Gadzin Han through cleaning of illegal dumps, rising public awareness and education on proper waste management, establishment of the waste management group (cluster) and exchange of experiences and knowledge with Partner from EU (Lolland, Denmark).