Official title of the project

Upgrading of GIS in Pancevo

Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

Budget / EC contribution

150.780 EUR /135. 570 EUR

Implementation period
2011. Apr - 2012. Apr
Expected results

1. Increased knowledge of the City Administration staff in charge of the  system maintenance and updating of data bases,

2. Increased knowledge of the staff in PI/PUCs/Public agencies about updating GIS data bases using appropriate software,

3. Upgraded spatial and technical conditions for training in GIS and work

4. Introduced administrative procedures in the City of Pancevo required for coordinated development and regular updating of GIS

5.  Established Pancevo environmental data base in GIS 

6. Improved recognition of and access to GIS information for various target groups


Business operators/entrepreneurs/ppotential investors,  employees in the health care institutions and OCSs /employees in regional and central public institutions in charge of local governance, town planning, spatial and construction works, sustainable development, health and environmental protection / citizens of Pancevo


City of Sabac

Summary of the project

The project “Upgrading of GIS in Pancevo” will enable the City of Pancevo

to upgrade the existing GIS and will help all target groups to gain the

knowledge as well as the habit of regular using and updating of GIS

databases (employees in IT department, Secretariat for environmental

protection, town planning, construction and housing - of the City

administration, as well as those employed in other public companies,

Institutions and agencies in possession of GIS-related information).

Establishing of the environmental data base in GIS will help the LED

department and the Secretariat for environmental protection, town

planning, construction and housing - to provide information to potential

investors and to carry out the impact studies and analysis faster, thus

Upgrading their public service.

Programme/Project objectives

Strengthening of the capacity of the City of Pancevo for stimulation of development through upgrading GIS and its use and ensuring wider availability of spatially referenced data.

Specific objectives

Specific objectives are:

1) Raising of the capacities and knowledge of the employees in the local government and local public institutions and companies for independent maintenance and updating of the GIS data,

2) Creating an ecology data base for Pancevo in GIS,

3) Raising general awareness of GIS importance,

4) Creating conditions for wider use of GIS through easier access to data for an increased number of GIS users (employees in public institutions, potential investors, entrepreneurs, citizens in general).