Official title of the project

Improving Structural Capacity of the Serbian Statistical Office in view of approximating European Statistical System (ESS) requirements

Project information

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Implementation period
2009. Feb - 2011. Aug
Expected results

The project has four components. Expected results: Infrastructure for Producing National Accounts

  • Better compliance with the ESA methodology and other relevant standards and classifications.
  • Improved coverage of the non-observed economy.
  • Improved working relations with key stakeholders including an inter-institutional working group for national accounts being set up.
  • Improved quality of data measured by timeliness, coverage etc set out in the acquis.
  • Improved data availability measured by number of statistics and variables published.
  • Regular publication of the results. Publications should also be made covering the results of the main activities.

Preparation of an Agricultural Census

  • EU and FAO standards, as well as the general methodology and features of the agricultural census known by all relevant stakeholders and integrated in the pilot census exercise;
  • Pilot census planned under organisati

Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia


European Profiles S.A. in consortium with the National Statistical Institutes of Romania and Greece, Intrasoft International S.A and Atkosoft S.A.

Summary of the project

Infrastructure for Producing National Accounts The project assists the beneficiary in the development of experimental Supply and Use Tables (SUT). SUT for 2007-2008 have been finalised and 2009 SUT is ongoingt. The SUT development work supports the general improvement of National Accounts. The project has also assisted in the introduction of new classifications. Introductory papers on satellite were produced and the first Regional National Accounts produced. Preparation of an Agricultural Census The project assists the beneficiary in preparing for the 2012 Agricultural Census (AC). That means to cover for preparatory activities, the conduct of the census in the field and for post-census activities such as dissemination of the results. For that purpose, the organisational and methodological provisions have been developed and tested in the field on two occasions in 2009-2010 and will be tested for the third time in spring 2011. Upgrading the ICT System The ICT system at the beneficiary comprises a mix of old and new components bases on a mainframe and an open-system environment. The project assisted the beneficiary into conducting an ICT Feasibility Study with the result that the beneficiary decided to step by step leaving the mainframe for a the PC server solution. The next step was to develop an ICT Strategy followed by an ICT policy. Complimentary to the policy work, ICT training based on the open-system technology is ongoing. Developing Communication and Dissemination The assistance is meant to upgrade the beneficiary’s dissemination practices including communicati

Programme/Project objectives

Overall objectives The project aims at approximating the Serbian Statistical System to the European Statistical System's requirements. Project purpose The project aims at completing the upgrading of SORS' infrastructure in order to ensure further sustainable approach to EU acquis on statistics. It will ensure continuation with the 2002 CARDS project on national accounts and tackle areas identified as priority by the European Commission (e.g. agriculture statistics). The project shall also consolidate the internal activities that support statistical production and statistical dissemination.

Specific objectives

Infrastructure for Producing National Accounts Improved system and sources for the production of national accounts. This includes having improved the annual and quarterly national accounts, the work on supply and use tables and having initiated work on economic agricultural accounts, regional national accounts and tourism satellite accounts. Preparation of an Agricultural Census Capacity for carrying out an agricultural census and creating a farm register in place. This includes having the census tools in place and having set up a census organisation as well as having tested this in a pilot census. Upgrading the ICT System Having conducted a feasibility study of the possible ICT system to be used in the future. Based on the decision taken on the ICT system of choice by SORS, having developed an IT policy and guidelines for its implementation. Developing Communication and Dissemination Improved internal and external communication. Increased confidence, higher quality of products, i