Official title of the project

Developing local government

Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

Budget / EC contribution

EUR 112,607.00/ EUR 101,346.30

Implementation period
2010. Sep - 2011. Sep
Expected results
  1. Established and implemented Call centre (System 48) and One stop shop - Desk for licence issuing)
  2. Improved  HR capacities of Municipality of Kikinda (management and employees in local administration, public utility companies, offices in rural communities)
  3. Public campaign carried out in Kikinda municipality to inform community on improvement of administration services

Citizens of the Kikinda Municipality, business  and civil sector


Municipality of Inđija

Summary of the project

Strengthening the capacity of local self-government and stimulation of local development is a step to modern functioning administration at local level which must be predictable, transparent and efficient in order to meet citizens' needs, as the first and most important provider of services. It is exactly in that sense that the nature of this Project should be comprehended. Municipality of Kikinda  and its partner,  Municipality of Inđija, implement the present action in order to promote an effective and modern local government and efficient service delivery to its citizens and business through strengthening and modernization of the local administration and communal services. This action has being implemented by the Municipality of Kikinda, with technical assistance and expertise from our partner municipality experts from the Municipality of Inđija. The overall objective of the project "Developing Open Government" is to strengthen the capacity of local government in Kikinda through increasing efficiency and transparency of its work with the aim of raising the quality of services to end users.

  1. Improvement of existing e-government models (System 48, One Stop Shop - Desk for license issuing)
  2. Capacity building and education of Kikinda municipality employees
  3. Conducting of more efficient and faster communication of citizens and business sector with local government
  4. Establishing of more efficient coordination of municipal administration, public institutions and public utility companies
  5. Increase of transparency of local government
  6. Faster solution of communal issues

Programme/Project objectives

  • High quality of public administration services in North Banat region to be developed in line with the best national and EU practice
  • Contribution to efficiency improvement of local administration and public utility companies

Specific objectives

  1. Improving quality of local government in Municipality of Kikinda with two new e-government tools in order to meet essential demands of citizens and business sector.
  2. Establishing more efficient, accessible and transparent municipal services to all users