Official title of the project

Establishing a Centre for sustainable project development, designing and implementation of projects according to EU standards

Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

Budget / EC contribution

126.758,888 / 107.745,0548

Implementation period
2010. Sep - 2011. Sep
Expected results
  • Established Centre for sustainable project development office according to the model of partner municipality from Serbia
  • Formed project team for projects designing and implementation
  • Constituted optimal cooperation and communication model  of stakeholders in purpose of  the best possible implementation  of sustainable development concept
  • Systematized data base of all municipality projects
  • Lead roll of Centre for sustainable project development as institutional support for project management on the territory of the municipality
  • Centre for sustainable project development web site contributes interactive communication with beneficiaries
  • Local government
  • Investors and donors
  • Public enterprises and institutions
  • Non-governmental organizations and  associations of citizens
  • Economic, social and cultural associations
  • Citizens of the Municipality of Lazarevac

City of Niš, Serbia

Summary of the project

With the idea to contribute to efficient improvement of local administration in project development, the project foresees

Formation of Centre for Sustainable Project Development team and engagement of additional staff. New employees will go through education in the field of designing, implementation and management of projects according to EU standards. Trainings will be held in areas such as project proposal writing, project cycle management, monitoring and project evaluation, administrative and financial project management, EU funds, procedures and pre-access funds, making of project according to EU format and training in MS project. The other cycle of training would include education in the field of sustainable development. In education in sustainable development, through learning the program content, the Project team members and associates will be trained to analyze faults in development concepts in certain sectors, and to create sustainable solutions in development and environmental protection at a micro and macro level.

Programme/Project objectives

  1. Contribution to efficiency improvement of local administration in project development
  2. Formation of database of projects

Specific objectives

Specific objective is establishment of a Centre for sustainable project development with the aim to provide support in project design and management according to EU standards, which will be achieved through the following:

  • Forming Expert team for starting the Centre for sustainable project development;
  • Organizing work in the Centre according to model of the partner municipality Nis from Serbia;
  • Education of team on project coordination and management; 
  • Centre for sustainable project development team education in using EU standards in designing and monitoring budget of the project.
  • Establishing optimal approach model for international institutions and funds;