Official title of the project


Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

Budget / EC contribution

205.483,30 EUR

Implementation period
2010. Sep - 2011. Sep
Expected results
  • Municipal GIS Centre established
  • Municipal administration and three public enterprises equipped with hardware and licensed software and networked
  • Staff trained in GIS technology and software use
  • Hybrid map transferred to central server
  • Model databases complete
  • Intensive public information campaign on GIS importance for the work of local self-government for citizens and decision-makers conducted
  • Policy decision-makers
  • Municipal administration
  • Municipal public enterprises and institutions
  • Business entities
  • 49000 citizens of the Municipality of Trstenik
  • EU Partner (Municipality Törökbálint  )
  • Local partners – Technical Faculty from Cacak

Summary of the project

This Project has been focused on introduction of GIS in the Municipality of Trstenik. The Project is based on transfer of experience of European practice from Hungary – Törökbálint and consulting support of a local partner – Technical Faculty from Cacak.

The Project includes equipping of GIS centre located in the municipal administration building, procurement of a central server computer and appropriate work stations for the municipal administration, server for three municipal public enterprises, their networking and installation of licensed software. During Project implementation a hybrid map will be transferred to the central server, application models for databases to be filled in by migration of the existing or collection of field data will be done. Public enterprises’ staff will be trained in application and use of GIS technologies, software use and data collection and registering.

We expect GIS introduction, as an integrated system of databases, programs and hardware, to increase efficiency of the Municipality of Trstenik in management of spatial resources and planning of future needs of the community, improve decision-making processes and communications with citizens.

Programme/Project objectives

The Project of introduction of GIS, as an integrated database, programs and hardware in the Municipality of Trstenik would increase efficiency in management of spatial resources and planning of the community’s future needs, as well as improve the decision-making process and communications with citizens. Technical and technological equipping, trained staff, transfer of hybrid map to central server, networking of municipal public offices and GIS institutionalization will, also, enable strengthening local self-government capacities in the area of service delivery.

Specific objectives

Strengthening local self-government capacities for service provision to citizens and prospective investors. Availability of standardized spatial data will enable trained staff better work efficiency in spatial planning, reduction of permitting procedure and time and improvement of collection of municipal original revenues.


Cost reduction for realization of infrastructural projects and regular maintenance of installations by making the institutions responsible for network of installations to organize the existing data, make them available to other public offices reducing thus costs of regular maintenance of installations.


Increased confidence of citizens in work of public offices and decision-makers by making GIS available through internet. It will increase the number of users while interested professionals are able to monitor implementation of local projects, evaluates the work of politicians and public offices.