Official title of the project

Citizen Contact Center – Better Quality of Life

Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

Budget / EC contribution

EUR 192345 /  EUR 171590

Implementation period
2011. Apr - 2012. Apr
Expected results
  1. Improvement of the current situation for target groups
  2. Improvement of technical and managerial capacity of target groups
  3. Improvement in local economic development

City of Kruševac


1. Municipality of Žalec, Slovenia


2. Regional Centre for development of Small and Medium scale Enterprises, Serbia

Summary of the project

The project aims at increasing the capacity of local governments in the area of providing better and faster services to citizens and businesses in order to achieve standard of EU municipalities. This aim will be accomplished by establishing the Citizen Contact centre through transfer of knowledge from the EU partner municipality, procurement of necessary equipment and involvement in the information system and training of employees and management of local government to work on the system.

The Project will result in actual infrastructure improvement thus indirectly impacting economic development. The focus is mainly on creating the conditions for the enhancement of the local economic competitiveness and providing better and reliable services to citizens. The project encourages co-operation between organizations, institutions and communities for a better management of public services and an enhanced interaction for a genuine participatory development.

Programme/Project objectives

The overall objective of the Project is to contribute to Citizens Life Quality improvement and efficiency increasing of city services.

The reorganization of local government in order to improve internal collaboration and cooperation with public enterprises and institutions will be, also, achieved, as well as improved management of the city and thus better and cheaper services for citizens and businesses. The project will, also, create possibilities for precise long-term planning in various fields and  improve management of existing resources in order to obtain savings and prevent the occurrence of damages to the natural environment. Cooperation between local governments, regional and republican authorities will be improved and institutionalized.

Specific objectives

The Specific objectives of the Project are:

  • Capacity building of Local authorities through establishment of Citizen Contact Centre in the City of Kruševac
  • Capacity building of various stakeholder groups, through training, workshops and pilot project examples
  • Capacity building of representatives of municipal administration, local experts from public utility companies and other target groups by examining experiences and solutions that have been successfully applied in comparable situations and comparable systems in Municipality of Žalec, Slovenia
  • Creation of technical  and organizational conditions for establishment and full operations of Citizen Contact Centre
  • Integration of Citizen Contact Centre and GIS into unique system to improve the communication between the city administration and public enterprises on the one hand and citizens and the business sector on the other side