Official title of the project

Increasing municipality capacities for improving the quality of live vulnerable groups

Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

Budget / EC contribution

113.100 € - 100.200 €

Implementation period
2010. Sep - 2011. Sep
Expected results

- An innovative approach in the provision of social services to prevent and combat social exclusion implemented

- Developed skills and increased motivation of municipal employees providing social services;

- Increased quality of existing social service;

- Improved quality of life of Municipality of Palilula citizens

- Improved quality of life of disadvantaged people by introducing a “hotline” for social support established that offers help and assistance via telephone to all people from Nis having some social problems. A phone line serves also as info line about mobile units schedule on the field.

 - Increased quality of existing social service;

- Improved quality of life of Municipality of Palilula citize


- Local authorities of Palilula;

- Centre for social health care

- Disadvantages people in the municipality Palilula;

- Socially endangered people with difficulties in self-care on territory of Palilula;


Municipality of Kyustendil, Bulgaria

Summary of the project

The intention of the municipality Palilula is to develop and implement innovative forms of social services in the community who aim to lead to overcoming addiction, relief of families who have care of dependent persons, support the social inclusion of persons who have served their prison sentence, large mothers, young parents and others. It is envisaged formation of two mobile interdisciplinary teams. The aim is to carry out periodic visits to certain people - users of the service within this project and to provide steady implementation of complex care, depending on the specific needs of the person. Team will visit on the spot. For this purpose within the project a car will be purchased, which after completion of the project will continue to be used for social services to needy people within the municipality.

 Within the project a "hot line" will be established to provide social support, and where potential beneficiaries could obtain information such as conducting legal advice.

Programme/Project objectives

Overall objective: To increase capacity of the city municipality of Palilula in the area of provision of social services by creating a sustainable and integrated model of “care in the community”, on the spot, for vulnerable groups in society.

It aims to establish a basis for sustainable development in area of municipal management and social delivery and improve quality of life of local people by improving potential of local administration of Palilula for provision of social services and work with vulnerable groups.

Specific objectives

 Specific objectives:

1) Create a multidisciplinary mobile team for taking the complex care in the community;

2) Open of the “hotline” for social support;

3) Enhancing professional skills and motivation of local staff providing social services;

4) Increasing the quality of existing social services;

5) Improving the quality of life of disadvantaged people;