Official title of the project

Empowering local government in supporting business incubation in Backi Petrovac Municipality

Project information

Region / City
Backi Petrovac
Total budget of programme / project

Budget / EC contribution

180.647,00 EUR / 162.582,30 EUR

Implementation period
2011. Mar - 2012. Mar
Expected results
  1. Capacity of LED officials in providing business information and services is improved
  2. Awareness of local government to intensify contacts with business sector is increased
  3. Council on Economy, as local parliament body, is established
  4. BIC Backi Petrovac operation is enhanced
  5. Green, innovative and businesses run by women are well promoted
  6. Efficient instruments to support start up and development of green, innovative and businesses run by women are identified and adopted by local parliament

Municipality of Backi Petrovac


City of Martin, Municipality of Kamnik, Women’s Entrepreneurship Academy

Summary of the project

In order to boost local economic development through supporting entrepreneurship sector, the Municipality, in June 2009, founded a Business and Innovation Centre, as a result of the project financed by Slovak Aid fund, the fund of the Slovak Republic in the amount of 200,000 Euros. The Municipality is aware to invest more, not only into “hardware”, but in the “software” as well. Therefore, in partnership with two municipalities from Slovakia and Slovenia, and non – governmental organization specialized in women’s entrepreneurship, the Municipality intends to improve capacity of human resources who are involved in local economic development planning and implementation. Backi Petrovac Municipality considers the BIC as an effective instrument of local government to support start ups and development of SMEs.

Programme/Project objectives

Overall objective


is to contribute to the implementation of successful EU model (Slovak & Slovenian) in effective governing of local economic development by Municipality of Backi Petrovac.

Specific objectives

Specific objective

  1. to professionalize Backi Petrovac LED office in providing competent business service and information;
  2. to create functional link between public administration and local business sector;
  3. to encourage operation of green, innovative and businesses run by women