Official title of the project


Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

Budget / EC contribution

141 500.00 €

Implementation period
2011. Mar - 2012. Mar
Expected results

The results of the project are:

  1. GIS system purchased, installed and integrated into info system of Mynicipality
  2. Conducted quality training of municipal workers and public enterprises
  3. Presentation to target groups implemented





  1. Project sustainability
  • Municipality of Barajevo and municipal employees
  • Citizens of Barajevo
  • Economic operators and potential investors




  • National authorities, in particular Ministry of Environment and Spatial planning and SIEPA.



Summary of the project

The project will introduce the GIS system that will provide, when fully operational, modern databases and full overview of the spatial planning in the Municipality.

The project will have overall positive impact on the organisation and efficiency of spatial planning sector in Barajevo. It will contribute to improved performance and decreased timing in implementing procedures related to: legalisation of properties, issuing building and other permits, implementation of infrastructural and economic investments. 

Both partners, Vlasotince and Lazarevac, will be responsible for analysis and transfer of good practice example in the Activity  Based on their experience with introduction of GIS they will identify and present segments relevant for the Municipality of Barajevo. The partners will participate with their specific experience in other activities of the project particularly in definition of the technical specifications of the GIS, training and presentation of new procedures.

The project has been coordinated and will have relevance for the   following stakeholders: 1. Public utility organisations  2. Business support organisations 3. Citizens initiatives and NGO sector.

One of the main tasks of the project is the procurement and installation of GIS software and staff training. Municipal employees will be trained for daily work with the new system. The training will include formal and on-job training.

The project has been designed in a way to guarantee long term impact and sustainability. Introduction and operating of the GIS within a municipality is closely connected to the municipal services and administration. The project will put strong efforts into training, information and motivation activities. The target groups of these activities will be employees of the municipality, users of new system and media. Through intensive activities sustainable contacts and networks will be established. Th

Programme/Project objectives

      The overall objective of the project is:

Improvement of municipal services for better service to citizens and businesses.

This project will be one step in achievement of overall strategic mission of the Municipality Barajevo, to bring its services closer to users. The aim of the Municipality is to develop flexible and responsive public administration that will provide citizens, businesses and any other user with timely and efficient service.

This project will contribute in a specific segment of spatial planning and developing which represents one of the key responsibilities the Municipality is dealing with. The area has a broad impact on different target groups from citizens to domestic businesses and potential foreign investors. In the past the area has not been systematically dealt with, what caused a number of challenges and delays in administrative procedures for issuing building permits, legalisation of illegal buildings, activation of space for economic purposes (business zones etc.). Introduction of Geographic Information System (GIS) will simplify procedures, decrease deadlines and contribute to overall efficiency in all mentioned procedures.

Specific objectives

  • Transfer of good practice from the municipalities which have advanced experiences in the area of spatial planning.
  • The applicant is convinced that the improvement of municipal services can be done best by transferring experience from municipalities which have faced, and have managed to resolve, similar challenges in the past. Municipality Barajevo has therefore invited to participation two municipalities – Vlasotince and Lazarevac – who have successfully introduced the GIS in recent years. In both cases the positive effects of the use of new system are already visible. Both municipalities will systematically analyse their examples from the perspective of relevance for Barajevo.
  • Purchase and installation of Geographic Information System for improvement of services of local administration.

         In order to resolve challenges in the area of spatial planning the Municipality of Barajevo has decided to purchase and integrate the GIS into their services. The introduction of GIS into municipal services will resolve a number of challenges such as: delays in processing request related to spatial planning, large number of complaints related to procedures, negative influence on economic activities due to unavailability of proper spatial plan.

  • Training of employees of local administration and overall promotion of modernised services

         In line with the spirit of the Exchange programme the project is aimed at building capacity of the Municipality, in our case in the specific segment of spatial planning. The employees of the local administration, dealing with the issues, will undergo intensive training and receive support in implementing their daily tasks. The project partners will also make sure that the citizens and any other u