Official title of the project

Technical Assistance for the Hazardous Waste Management Facility

Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project


Implementation period
2010. Nov - 2015. Feb
Expected results

Preparation of the planning and tender documentation that leads to the first hazardous waste treatment facility to be built in Serbia.


Serbian Ministry of Environment, Mining and Spatial Planning (MEMSP)



Summary of the project

The HWMF project should assist Serbia in developing conditions for the construction of technically appropriate hazardous waste management facility. This facility should reduce the economical and environmental burden currently present in the Serbian industry and SME sector. First sets of activities consist of different tasks that should be undertaken before the final site for the facility is chosen and confirmed. In this phase it is especially important to implement appropriate preparation of a feasibility study and cost benefit analysis. Numbers of activities that are planned to be implemented in a preparatory phase are assessment of the existing situation, evaluation of eventual sites, conduction of the feasibility study, definition and carrying out a comprehensive training programme, review of administrative procedures and creation and implementation of the public awareness programme. The HWMF project plans to obtain increased understanding of the Serbian population for the need of controlled waste management, focusing on the management of inorganic hazardous wastes from Serbian industry excluding any kind of nuclear, explosives and medical waste components. Upon successful selection of the location for the future facility and the outline planning consent and after approvals are granted, the project will launch its second phase. During this phase it is planned to finalize the design and to trigger the final preparation of tender documents. At this stage of project implementation priority will be paid to design of technical details, assistance in obtaining the necessary p

Programme/Project objectives

Main goal is to improve the quality of the natural environment and health of the population through improved hazardous waste management. The project will assist Serbia in the preparation of the planning and tender documentation that will lead to the first hazardous waste treatment facility being built in the country. Additionally, the project should help identification of the technologically most appropriate, financially affordable, economically feasible, environmentally sound and politically acceptable solution for the proper management of the hazardous waste. Special focus will be on economical factors by achieving positive ecological impacts for the welfare of the Serbian citizens. Main purpose is to provide technical assistance for the analysis, planning and preparation for the future construction of an appropriate national Hazardous

Specific objectives

  • To explore, advise and conduct appropriate survey on available locations for the construction of the hazardous waste management facility
  • To propose efficient and safe way of collecting, transporting and managing industrial hazardous waste in Serbia
  • To design and conduct public awareness activities that will enable better understanding and wide support of the proper inorganic hazardous waste management in the Republic of Serbia
  • To assist the Ministry in preparing and implementing management mechanisms for the new facility (including staffing, budgeting and sustainability).