Official title of the project

Improving environmental protection through the more effective solid waste management

Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

Budget / EC contribution

 124350 EUR

Implementation period
2010. Sep - 2011. Dec
Expected results

1. Preparatory, informative and consultative meetings organized as the first step toward realization of further project activities.

2. Initial state as regards waste management on the territory of Beočin Municipality assessed.

3. Local administration of Beočin Municipality trained for implementation of a new model of solid waste management.

4. Technical and organizational capacities of Beočin Municipality for solid waste management renewed and improved.

5. Intensive local campaign for the support of introduction of a new model of solid waste management developed.

6 The regulations which should ensure the long-term sustainability of the implemented model of solid waste management adopted.


Municipality of Beočin


The City of Valjevo,

NGO “Center for Equitable Regional Development” (Belgrade, Serbia)  

Summary of the project

One of the most severe threats to the environment and people’s health in Beočin is inadequate solid waste management, emergence of illegal landfills and insufficient public awareness of need to change the bad habits in this field. Moreover, the official “Tancoš” landfill, 3km away of Beočin settlement, does not fulfill necessary sanitary condition to work properly. Besides, illegal landfills periodically emerge in the municipal territory, mostly in the rural areas. In general, there is neither developed awareness of need for responsible waste treatment, nor minimum knowledge about sustainable waste management method among municipality population.

This project proposal aims to resolve following specific problems: 1) need for changing the existing, ineffective and obsolete system of solid waste management with a more effective one, which considers acceptance and implementation of up to date standards in work and organization of public utility service, use of modern technology and transformation of old habits and waste treatment on the part of Beočin population, 2) backward and inadequate technical capacities, working procedures and methods of the local public utility company, 3) undeveloped human capacities in local administration and public utility company to cope these problems in accordance with the EU standards, 4) absence of ecological public awareness and knowledge about real problems caused by unsustainable and irresponsible waste treatment among municipal population .

Programme/Project objectives

Main goal of the project is the improvement of the environmental protection and creation of the conditions for the sustainable development of Beočin Municipality through introduction of a new waste management method, based on a principle of the economically justifiable separation of secondary raw materials, and raising of the ecological awareness among the local population.

Specific objectives

  •  Prolongation of duration of the landfill life through reduction of the waste volumes;
  • Enhancement of the municipal budget revenues through reduction of the waste management related costs and generation of additional revenues stemming from the secondary raw materials sale;
  • Strengthening of the municipal human capacities for the solid waste management through continuous education of the municipal servants employed in the municipal services in charge of the waste management and environmental protection issues;
  • Improvement of the quality of the waste collection service;
  • Raising ecological awareness among the population through the education and continuous promotion of a new solid waste management method;
  •  Ensuring successful functioning of the new solid waste management method through introduction of the economic incentives and fees for all actors involved in this process.