Official title of the project

Partnership for Rural Development of the Municipality of Despotovac

Project information

Creation of web portal with rural and tourism potentials of the Municiaplity of Despotovac is to be developed
Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

Budget / EC contribution


EUR 166.436,30 / 148.960,49


Implementation period
2011. Mar - 2012. Mar
Expected results

1. Created Network of 7 Rural Info Centres

2. Created Local Action Group „Resava LAG“

3. Established system of informative and professional-technical support to rural population

4. Established system of marketing and promotional activities of rural potentials of the Municipality of Despotovac


Final beneficiaries are 77% of rural population (25084) of the Municipality of Despotovac.


Lead Applicant/Partner 1 is the Municipality of Despotovac that will be responsible for the project management and follow up.

Partner 2 is the Regional Development Agency for Sumadija and Pomoravlje that together with the local self government established the Office for Rural Development of the Municipality of Despotovac. Key role of the Agency will be in establishment of RICs, capacity building of RICs staff and participation in marketing and promotional project actions.

Summary of the project

The project specifically intends to work on improvement of conditions for more efficient support to the rural economy at the territory of the Municipality of Despotovac.

This project will help the Municipality of Despotovac strenghten its technical and human capacities and establish a functional, efficient and sustainable decentralized system of informative and professional-technical support to farmers and rural population in general through creation of Network of Rural Info Centres in 7 local rural communities. Rural Info Centres (RIC) will be managed by 4 associations of farmers and citizens, already identified by the local self government, covering 7 RICs in the targeted local communities. Selected and trained RIC coordinators will offer daily informative and professional-technical support to farmers and rural population, organize professional trainings and public workshops, introduce best agricultural practices to farmers, establish cooperation with relevant scientific and educational institutions and trade supply chains. Poor activity and weak influence of farmers and rural population on the decision and policy making process will be improved by establishment of the Resava Local Action Group. Through LAG’s activities there will be established cross sector cooperation among both agricultural and non agricultural organizations, state and non state actors of the Municipality of Despotovac aiming at support to the development of rural areas of the municipality.

Programme/Project objectives

Contribute to the improvement of the quality of life in rural areas of the Municipality of Despotovac.

Overall objective aims to contribute to the creation of favourable ambience for establishment of economic sustainable rural community that is dominant in the Municipality of Despotovac population structure and which will be characterized as demographically balanced, economically beneficial agricultural production and stimulating for opening of new working posts in diversified areas of rural economy. In this way there will be obtained necessary conditions for keeping young people in rural areas and their better life quality.

Specific objectives

Contribute to the rural development of the Municipality of Despotovac through creation of decentralized and participatory institutional mechanisms based on cross sector cooperation. Specific  goal aims to establish decentrlized and participatory mechanism trough creation of network of rural info centres, local action group, system of daily professional-technical support to the farmers and generally rural population as well as better presentation of the rural potentials of the municipality to the market and all this through cooperation of the municipality with the civil (farmers’ and citizens’ associations) and profit (farmers who produce and sell their products) sectors.