Official title of the project

The Development of Geographic Information System (GIS) of Pirot Municipality

Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

Budget / EC contribution

257,607.66 EUR

Implementation period
2011. Mar - 2012. Sep
Expected results
  • Document containing standards for the development, updating, and sharing of the data and services of the Municipality GIS is developed;
  • Utilities Cadastre Database (UCD) for the town of Pirot is established and in use;
  • Real Estate Cadastre (REC) data are available to the officials of the local government and to the employees of some local public agencies and companies;
  • several components of Municipality GIS are developed and implemented, personnel trained to use new GIS functions (GIS for the maintenance of objects of the public lighting, GIS for the maintenance of roads, streets and traffic sign and signals, GIS for the maintenance of the communal objects, GIS based on the thematic unit Resources);
  • major segments of the MAN telecommunication infrastructure of the municipality are implemented;
  • Municipality GIS web geoportal is redesigned and it offer access to its’ data and services;
  • information systems used by officials in municipal departments are enabled to use spatial data from the Municipality GIS;
  • the results of the project are published on the web site of the municipality, within a special publication and via local TV and radio media.

Municipality of Pirot, The Republic of Serbia


City of Subotica, The Republic of Serbia

Summary of the project

Further development of Geographic Information System (GIS) of Pirot Municipality and promotion of its utilisation by local authorities and various users from public and private sector. The development and implementation of different software applications and databases which are the vital components of Geographic Information System of Pirot Municipality. The development and implementation of these components

is planned within the document “GIS Development Strategy for Pirot Municipality” as a series of projects. The objective is to develop the following applications and databases: Public Lighting Maintenance GIS, Utility Cadastre Database, Roads, Streets and Traffic Signalisation Maintenance GIS, Communal Objects Maintenance GIS, and Resources GIS. These objectives also include update of existing datasets and their

import into Municipality GIS databases. It is also planned to provide basic prerequisites for communication between different owners and users of these applications and datasets in order to ensure efficient data sharing (some basic procedures and protocols, networking, web access, etc.).

Programme/Project objectives

Databases that constitute Municipality GIS will be established and software applications for updating these databases will be developed and implemented. This will have a large impact on a broad range of users and their activities such as: tax administration, asset management, public utilities and services, development of spatial/urban plans, cadastral

services, permits issuing, rural development, tourism development, development of business zones and other related activities, improvement of services offered by municipal departments. Through activities that will

be realised within this project cooperation between different stakeholders (from private and private sector) will be further improved so this will reduce efforts and costs for these stakeholders and for citizens as well.

Specific objectives

The development and implementation of GIS of Municipality of Pirot and establishment of spatial data

infrastructure on a municipality level in general. Some important datasets will be compiled such as Utilities

Cadastre Database that will be established by digitization of existing utilities cadastral maps and by field

survey. Data models and software for several GIS applications used by local government agency Land

Development Agency of Pirot and local government Public Company “Komunalac”, will be developed and

some initial data collected. Procedures and tools for data acquisition, processing, analysis and sharing will be

developed and established according to accepted international and EU standard and practises. Knowledge

and skills of the employees within local government departments, agencies and companies that require

handling with spatial data will be improved. They will be trained to use the developed GIS tools.