Official title of the project

Introduction of Geo Informational System and Documents Management System at Senta Local Self-government Level

Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

Budget / EC contribution

183.939 / 164.389

Implementation period
2010. Nov - 2012. Jan
Expected results
  1. Unified infrastructure data in a common unified base
  2. Having accurate information and updates,
  3. Improving service delivery to citizens - access to geodetic background information in urban and spatial plans,
  4. Reducing damage to power lines by giving access to routes to other communal infrastructure companies,
  5. Atracting investments through the public GIS portal,
  6. Significant acceleration of the realization of investments - faster and simpler way of issuing the necessary permits,
  7. The possibility of easy planning, design and maintenance of infrastructure networks,
  8. Improving communication with all participants who were involved in the planning of town development,
  9. Transparent exchange of documents electronically at all levels of communication in the municipality,
  10. Accelerated procedures and efficient resolution of citizen requests,
  11. Raising the efficiency of the administration - better exchange of information between the administrative bodies,
  12. Increasing the quality of decision making - efficiency, objectivity, accuracy.

Final beneficiaries of the geo-informational system are the current and future users of the infrastructure – citizens, investors.

Final beneficiaries of the document management system are the citizens of Senta municipality.


Hódmezővásárhely Municipality, Hungary

Summary of the project

The project will make precodntions for the Development Plan of the Geo-Informational System and the Development Plan for the document management system.

Miniciplaity of Senta want to create and use a unique set of information about the area our municipality has at its disposal. This goal can be achieved if we close a cycle that begins by the process of recording the existing situation, continues to space planning, licensing, construction of facilities and record keeping of the re-committed changes in the area. By introducing GIS, we achieve significant improvements in the work of municipal bodies and utility companies, we achieve direct savings by significantly increasing the efficiency of certain administrative procedures.

Also, with the introduction of DMS in the local self-government, make a big step towards the path of approaching the European work mode, and achieve professional standardization of receipt of citizens’ application, reduction of excessive bureaucratic procedures, shortening case processing time, greater organization of work process.

Programme/Project objectives

The overall objective of the project is to associate all stakeholders in the municipality in order to collect comprehensive information and opportunities for further spatial planning and infrastructural development of the municipality, and raising the productivity of employees in the Municipality of Senta, transparency and standardization of business processes.

Specific objectives

  •  to create a unified multidisciplinary database of infrastructure data and their graphical display, by implementing GIS system
  • introduction of a transparent and controlled document management system, by  introduction of DMS