Official title of the project


Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

Budget / EC contribution

120.634,2 EUR

Implementation period
2011. Apr - 2012. Oct
Expected results
  • Good practice example from EU identified, analysed and transferred,
  • Local economic development office set­-up and supported,
  • Information and training centre set-up,
  • Pilot phase of functioning of the local economic development office implemented,
  • Project management implemented.

National authorities,

Employment service and SME support organizations.


The Municipality of Jesenice

Summary of the project

The project is based on the following needs and challenges:

  • Lack of support to economic development in Sjenica
  • Absence of participation in EU and donors initiatives
  • Poor awareness of citizens on EU integration process
  • High level of unemployment, lack of systematic training and re-training.

The primary target groups of the project are municipal employees dealing with local economic development, existing and potential entrepreneurs, and unemployed, while the secondary are the citizens of Sjenica.

The project activities are designed in a way that participation of all project partners is expected within the most of the activities. The overall coordination and responsibility for the project will be in hand of the both project applicants. Specific tasks of the project partners are as follows:

  • The applicant of the project, the Municipality of Sjenica, will hold overall responsibility for project implementation.
  • The project partner, the Municipality of Jesenice from Slovenia, will carry overall responsibility for identification and transfer of good practice example from Jesenice to Sjenica

The project has been designed in a way to guarantee long term impact and sustainability

Programme/Project objectives

Support to local economic development in Municipality of Sjenica, through increased capacity of local government, setting-up a Local Economic Development Office and introduction of set of supportive measures.

Specific objectives

  • Identification, analysis and transfer of good practice example from EU. 
  • Setting-up and support to Local Economic Development (LED) Office.   
  • Setting-up information and training centre.
  • Implementation of a pilot phase of LED operations – identification of project potentials, implementation of information campaign, training of unemployed and potential entrepreneurs