Official title of the project

Healthy place for healthy investments

Project information

Region / City
Sokobanja, Knjazevac
Total budget of programme / project

Budget / EC contribution

EUR 117.348,12 / 105.613,31

Implementation period
2011. Mar - 2012. Jun
Expected results
  • Developed business model and legal/ environmental/physical/social framework for the investors in thermal tourism whit clear understanding of private and public activities and investments
  • Market assessment and activities plan for potential investors for the future promotion of possibilities of investments in the region
  • Knowledge transfer and dissemination of methods of work and process of work with other spa, thermal areas in Serbia

•  Business community (potential investors, associations of  


•  Tourists

•  National authorities and their organizations, institutions and



•  Municipality of Knjazevac, Serbia

•  Municipality of Koper, Slovenia

Summary of the project

The project will be realized in Eastern Serbia and will cover territories of the Municipalities of Sokobanja and Knjazevac. 


Activities of the project will improve delivery of services of municipalities to investors and stimulate local development in participating municipalities through introducing modern principles and practices of public administration used in European Union.

These practices will also help local administration in better management of other sectors of local authorities and will help municipal employees understand possibilities and opportunities of transparency, public participation and promotion of good practices.


Analysis and testing of qualitative and quantitative characteristics of natural goods, improvement of knowledge, transfer of positive experiences from the field of spa treatment, health tourism, marketing of investment potential, a public-private partnerships will create the conditions for the improvement of management systems thermo mineral sources, like natural resources, developing a concrete business concept and creating a legal framework for obtaining the legal rights of exploitation with a clear understanding of public-private partnerships and evaluation of market conditions. Local LED offices and tourist organizations will be able to run the future policies and planning activities in the light of decisions based on understanding the potentials and needs of the local environment.

Programme/Project objectives

The overall objective of the project is to increase the economic and management capacities of two municipalities, Sokobanja and Knjazevac, through creating a framework for the future development of the spa tourism. The Project, also, aims at:


a) clear understanding of the possible economic and physical opportunities of the participating municipalities for the long term development of the spa tourism in the area of concern 

b) development of a legal/ environmental/physical/social framework for the future investments in private and public infrastructure. 


This project will lead to management and regulation of the legal framework for the use of thermal mineral water and planning project which will attracting and enable investment projects in the area but will give concrete background which business model should be taken by the municipalities in order to protect public interest and grow in same time.

Specific objectives

 • Enhance local capacities for good governance, municipal management and service delivery – improving the knowledge of employees and establishing business procedures in the Offices for economic development and Local tourism organizations;

• Improved quality of life at the local level – indirectly through attracting investment;

• Environmental protection through sustainable use of resources – creating a legal framework for the use of thermal - mineral water in quantities that do not endanger the hydrological system.