Official title of the project

Creating conditions for rural development of the Ub municipality

Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

Budget / EC contribution

209,961.00 / 187,873.10 EUR

Implementation period
2011. Mar - 2012. Jun
Expected results

- Increasing the efficiency of local government in the field of rural development;

- Improvement of capacities to implement EU standards and new technologies in agricultural production;

- Raised awareness of the population in the villages belonging to the municipality of Ub in terms of environmental protection;


Municipality of Ub

  • Municipality of Braslovče, Republic of Slovenia
  • Municipality of Obrenovac, Republic of Serbia
  • CA ''Evrokontakt'' Kruševac, Republic of Serbia

Summary of the project

Characteristic of the municipality is a large percentage of inactive working population (total of 14,032, or 68.84% of the active working population), which leads to the conclusion that the population most profit in agriculture on their own farms.

In the agricultural population, elderly and small non-market households are predominant and they do not have a clear business and market orientation in agricultural production.

Production of wholesome food and pure organic production is practically non-existent.

There is no database of households, therefore no accurate insight into the number and structure of households, their orientation, existing resources, potential and willingness to modernize production.

Tourism is not adequately developed, but there is significant potential for development of primarily hunting and fishing tourism (forest, fishing pools, two lakes), but in addition to lack of promotion and tourist infrastructure, particularly important is the lack of accommodation facilities.

Also, local government is not educated enough in terms of project planning and implementation in order to gain some aditional funds for their existing Budget.

All this leads to the conclusion that the municipality of Ub needs a new strategic approach to development based on the vision ''4Es" - education, ecology, energy and economy.

Programme/Project objectives

Overall objective of this project is contribution to improvement of local economic development through the strengthening of capacities of key stakeholders of rural development in Municipality of Ub.

Specific objectives

Increasing of efficiency of local self-government in the area of rural development will be done as follow:

  • Training of employees in the municipal administration, public enterprises and institutions in the field of rural development;
  • The establishment and work of agricultural library / mediatheque;
  • Making a database on rural households;
  • Training of employees in the municipal administration, public enterprises and institutions for project cycle management in line with EU standards;
  • Study visits for representatives of local authorities and public companies to the partner municipality;

Increasing the level of competitiveness of agricultural production and improvement of the environment in villages in line with EU standards, achieved through:

  • Rural development promotional campaign;
  • Training of farmers in the area of application of EU standards in agriculture;
  • Study visits for farmers;
  • Information to farmers through specialized TV and radio shows;
  • Equipping and opening of the Wholesale market Ub;
  • The promotional campaign on the importance of environmental protection for rural development of the Ub municipality;
  • Removal of illegal dumps in the villages
  • Setting the containers and organized garbage removal