Official title of the project – reaching standards of an information society

Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

Budget / EC contribution

147.970 EUR EC contribution

Implementation period
2011. Apr - 2012. Mar
Expected results
  1.   Document management system- (DMS) established

      2.  E-government (web portal) established

      3.  Building of the existing IT capacities – supply of new hardware and

          installation of new software, including installation of the Internet

          kiosks on territory of the city and villages

      4.  Improved participation of citizens in the work of the local self

          government- presence on Internet forums, increased number of citizens’ initiative etc

  1. Population
  2. Business entities
  3. Civil society organizations
  4. Institutions on local, regional, national and international level

Municipality of  Trikala, Greece

Summary of the project

The creation of the system of electronic documentation management and WEB portal enable easier resolution of citizens’ requests, easier communication among the secretariats and City administration departments, access to a merged database with the possibility of downloading of the needed documentation and other useful items. Building of IT capacities is also very important, and it will be done through the installation of new hardware and new software solutions. Special attention in the project is paid to the information coverage of the rural areas, because the Administration services must be accessible to all citizens wheather they live in the city area or the village, respecting the principles of efficiecy, effectiveness, transparency. 

        The promotional part of this project is very important, having in mind that the adequate positioning of the city includes continual promotion of its potential, but also the local services with special emphasis on the possibility of downloading all contents which can be of use to the local business community, potential investors and all other development partners.

        Taking into consideration that the base of the qualitative service provision of the city administration, apart from the technical components, are people, the project prescribes training activities for the use of new softwares as well as additional training for operation of the information equipment, its maintenance, that is maintenance of the entire system.

Programme/Project objectives

 The overall objective of the project is the contribution to capacity building of the City administration for a more efficient service provision to citizens and economy and more transparent work.


The range of services provided by the City administration is very broad- starting from the issuance of certain documents, resolution of concrete requests of citizens and economy to concrete activities which speed up the socio-economic development. Informatisation is one of the determinants of a faster, better and easier realization of citizens’ rights.

Specific objectives

 Specific objective:

  1. Higher level of application of information technology in the work of the City administration and population
  2. Creation of a web portal, timely information and creation of possibilities for downloading the needed documentation
  3. Easier insight in the state of citizens’ requests, economy and faster and better realization of their rights
  4. Encouraging citizens to participate in the work of the local self government